In the beginning…..

For food and family is for all my family and friends who are contact me looking for recipes.  These requests are often vague ‘you know, the cake that the lady across the road always made’ or ‘the scones that Grandpa and Steve like’ or that fish you cooked when we were camping’.  These requests can be difficult to accommodate for many reasons but mostly because I have so many recipe books, so many memories and no clear way to integrate these in a easily sortable manner.  The recipe books are of varying vintages and states of disrepair with many pages rapidly becoming unreadable and my memories are also becoming vintage in nature.

Born as Janey Smith, I married Graham  (the father of my three great kids) and became Janey Kyle, divorced then married Dean to become Janey Bowick, was widowed and remarried Rob Scott (the father of my four step children) to be now known as Janey Kyle-Scott.

Over the years I have had three books into which favorite recipes have been hand written and these too are fading and falling apart.  In recent years, with the help of my daughters Alisha and Dianne, some of the recipes they needed when setting up house have been computerized, printed and put into clear-files in our kitchens.  The clear-files require thumbing through to find the right page,  get added to randomly in no clear order and are now also falling to bits.

None of these books include the stories about the people and places with whom we associate the food.  The meals that made lasting memories or the people to whom it mattered.  My aim is to create for us all a searchable, stable and secure inventory of those recipes along with the stories and people associated with them.

For me ‘Food and Family‘ go together and by family I extend this concept to include all those with whom we have shared and enjoyed food.  Some of these recipes will be yours, the memories of when we shared them are ours.

This has been a planned project for some time…and now is that time…. a time to begin.

Janey Kyle-Scott, January 18 2011

April 2012 Update – Wow what a ride.  Who could have imagined where this blog would go.  Over 7200 visits to the site from all around the world including Peru, Russia and Lithuania. I am totally loving the opportunity to share my passion for Food and the stories of Family and Friends that go with it.  Thanks to all for the support.

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January 9 2014  So here we are three years into my blogging adventure and today marked the 45,000 visit to the site….thats right 45,000.  Thank you all so much for visiting, commenting, sharing and liking my posts…but more than that, thank you for continuing to share my journey through Food and Family…for what else is there?  


8 thoughts on “In the beginning…..

  1. Wow Janey… what amazing adventure you are beginning, good on you! I will very much look forward to reading the stories and trying the recipes! Julie


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