Phipps Family

I first met this family in the Easter of 1980 at a Movan  rally in Hastings and they became my ‘other’ family from Tokoroa.  To this day “Mum and Dad” are “Grandma and Grandad P” to my children and are Great Grandparents to Zach and Lilly.  So thats not so unusual except they have 10 of their own children and a plethora of grandchildren and great grand children…yet they have found room for us too.  It is a privilege to be part of this family and always a great delight to have Mum & Dad visit and to keep contact with my other brothers and sisters.

I believe that all teenagers need to adopt, and be adopted by, another family alongside their birth family.  It was in this extended family that I learnt to appreciate my own, to accept other points of view, to really understand sharing and to realise that the advice of my real parents wasnt that unusual afterall.

I also have lots of tasty and economical recipes  from MumP and the extended family that will appear on this blog.




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