Pinwheel Scones

My Grandpa, Stan Smith, loved these and got me to make them whenever we went to Timaru on holidays.  I don’t recall being allowed to take over Nanas kitchen for any other reason but to make Grandpa his pinwheel scones.  Some years later my sister-in law, Louise, requested this recipe for my brother Steve as apparently it was one of his favorites also.  These instructions are a guide only I’m sure the original recipe had more specific measurements but over time I came to make it by ‘feel’ and with love.  Dont be tempted to leave off the icing as it stops these being too sweet.

Get the oven hotting up to about 200 degrees Celsius.

Get a big bowl and sift –

  • 6 Cups flour
  • 8 teaspoons Baking powder

Add and rub in until crumbly-

  • 100 – 150 gms Butter

Add enough milk to make a soft dough (be gentle)

Flour the bench so it doesn’t stick

Pat out into a rectangle (twice as long as it is wide) about 1.5cm thick and be gentle!!!!

Leaving 2 cm along one long side with nothing on it, Spread with –

  • ¼ Cup melted butter
  • ½ Cup brown sugar
  • Cinnamon (as much as you like)

Roll up into a sausage from one long side toward the side with nothing on it.

Squeeze  gently to keep its shape and get the join to join.

You should now have a long sausage shape.

Cut 1.5 cm slices and place cut side down on a greased (or non stick) tray. Shove in the hot oven.

Bake for 15 mins (ish) – dont overcook

While the scones are cooking mix

1 cup icing sugar with

Lemon juice and water until it is quite thin (like cream).

As soon as the scones come out of the oven drizzle the icing over and leave for 10 mins before you eat them.  DO NOT EAT THEM SOONER AS YOU WILL BURN YOUR MOUTH!!!


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