Blender Hollandaise

Where would we be without Hollandaise sauce?  Over recent years it has come to my attention that as a family we have a love affair with this divine topping – preferably on Eggs Benedict with Salmon!!!  I don’t recall this being a part of our menu growing up but as we gather in groups for cafe breakfasts it seems to be the universal favorite.  Perhaps it was from my Grandpa Smith that we inherited the love of salmon, and we like our salmon many ways, but team it up with a Hollandaise and it is heavenly good.  Of course as a family we also need to watch our cholesterol so servings of this should be limited.

Hollandaise Sauce
  • 2 Egg yolks [use unrefrigerated eggs]
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
  • 70 grams Butter
  1. Blend Egg yolks and the Salt in the food processor or blender.
  2. Add the Lemon Juice with the motor still running.
  3. Heat the Butter until boiling and pour this in a slow stream into the mixture, with the blade running; until the Butter is absorbed and the sauce is creamy.

The sauce will thicken slightly on cooling.

If you wish to reheat this sauce use a double boiler, or the defrost setting in the microwave – do not use direct heat as the sauce will break up. Makes ¾ cup

Variations: All sorts of herbs may be added as  you desire- with fish, try dill or basil; with steak, fennel or mustard. Add tarragon and you have a sort of Bearnaise sauce.


  • Save the egg whites to make a Pavlova for desert.
  • Butter must be BOILING hot.
  • I have tried this with a Stab mixer and it does work, but not as well as the blender
  • Recipe doubles well

4 thoughts on “Blender Hollandaise

  1. When we were young: 1] Salmon only came in tin cans except when your Grandad Stan brought us a bottle of preserved salmon that he had caught in one of the rivers in Sth. Canterbury. 2] Hollandaise sauce was one I was never taught to make by my mum [or even in the Manual Training [Home Economics] classes at Napier Intermediate. Thanks for this recipe J – I should have no more problems, Mum


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