Vanuatu 2011 – A tour of Food and Beverages served with plenty of smiles

We have just returned from spending a week in Vanuatu to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.  As this was our first holiday without any of the seven children we decided to splash out and follow our passions rather than our pocket. Luckily for us Vanuatu produces a plentiful array of  fresh  produce, seafood and organic beef.  Over the next few days/weeks I will introduce you to the tastes of our tour from the sublime gastronomic delights to the over rated and over priced culinary disasters (fortunately only a  few of these) – there were plenty of cocktails to try and I will share a few of these also.

Lobster Salad at La Tentation

Of course we didn’t spend the whole week eating and Drinking- between meals we adventured around Efate with Max, sailed to Mosso Island on ‘Coongoola’ for a BBQ and snorkling, hiked the beautiful Mele cascades, shopped in the markets, took the adventure buggy safari from the jungle to the beach, had a romantic sunset cruise in the bay….. and enjoyed an evening of culture at Ekasup village.  So stick around over the next while as I share some of the memories with you…


One thought on “Vanuatu 2011 – A tour of Food and Beverages served with plenty of smiles

  1. Hello again Janey – just reading on your Vanuatu trip – sounds like the trip I would do (or one I would recommend to our guests)! I stay with Jenny and Rolls at Sunset when I go over and I recommend Coongoola, Ekasup, Mele Cascades (and Lololima), Sunset Cruise, fun buggies (with Lana and Eddie) and dining where you did (pity about Chill – that’s one of my lunch haunts).


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