Reef fish in Coconut batter & Organic Beef with Peppercorn Sauce

We stayed at Sunset bungalows and dined on several occasions in their restaurant – Bungalow Ate.  Every meal was an experience with the fantastic food from the kitchen fellas to the smiling friendly service from the restaurant staff.  On our first night, in the pouring down rain, I had the reef fish in coconut batter …. a huge chunk of fish fillet (skin on) 100mmx40mmx30mm.  Light thin crisp and dark batter that was pleasantly lacking in greasiness. Although the coconut flavour didn’t come through in the batter the fish was divine and served with home made, chunky tartare sauce and wedge of lime.

Reef fish in Coconut Batter

I also tried a bit of Robs orgainic beef steak with a peppercorn sauce and that was really good too.  Tender, mouthwatering and extremely moorish…. Rob actually ordered this on more than one occasion.

Organic Beef with Peppercorn Sauce

Both of us had the Chips (Great) and the salad that was surprisingly crisp lettuce with three colours af capsicum and carrot  all shredded in fine ribbons – undressed but impressed.



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