Breakfasts at Bungalow Ate, Sunset Bungalows, Vanuatu

We were fortunate to book accommodation at Sunset Bungalows that included a complimentary breakfast each morning.  There were several choices on the complimentary menu with additional meals and additions at a moderate cost.   From the complimentary menu we both had the Mushroom &  tasty cheese Omelette on several occasions….

Mushroom and Tasty Cheese Omelette

…and we enjoyed the Pancakes with maple Syrup & cream……more than once too.

Pancakes with Maple Syrup

These pancakes are made from a yeasted batter and are light, fluffy and oh so filling – a great way to start any day in paradise.

We also tried some dishes from the main breakfast menu. Rob had the Big Fella Brekkie that had bacon, eggs, toast, sausages, baked beans and mushrooms…..

Big Fella Brekkie

…while I tried the Eggs Benedict – with grilled sausage.

Bungalow Ate Eggs Benedict

Not quite as I had expected with two slices of grilled sausage hidden under each egg – but the home-made hollandaise made the whole dish worthwhile.

Awesome Chefs at Bungalow Ate

Thanks must go to these fellas who cooked several meals for us to a consistently high standard.


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