Cocktails in Vanuatu – Paradise in a glass – or several glasses!!!!

My background in teaching hospitality, including cocktail making, pre-disposed me to try every cocktail during our Vanuatu holiday. I quickly realised that I had already tried many of them before and this fact, combined with my ageing liver, caused me to reset my goals.

New goal: try at least one new cocktail per day.  Predictably tropical flavours abounded with names that set the mood for tropical holiday activities. Here are a few of those I sampled in the restaurants and bars in Port Vila.

Bikini Martini at Chill restaurant

The highlight of our meal at Chill Restaurant would have to be this cocktail and the Glass of Cloudy Bay Chardonnay from NZ.  A twist on a martini made with Gin, Blue Curacao, Peach Schnapps and Pineapple Jus. Shaken with ice then strained over fresh ice.  Might have had a second coctail with dessert if the meals had inspired us to stay for another course…. but the cocktail was nummy.

Peach Face at Sunset Bungalows

A cheeky wee number with Vodka, Peach Schnapps and Cranberry Jus.  This was long and cool and not to boozy…. and I hear that cranberry juice is good for me too.  Next must have been the Wild Thing….

Wild Thing at Chantillys

A built cocktail of  Midori,Malibu,Banana Liqueur and Pineapple jus topped with a scoop of vanilla Ice Cream icecream……nom nom nom… this was almost a dessert on its own…. but I had a dessert too.

Japanese Slipper at Sunset Bungalows

This was constructed differently to my expectations….but made with Midori, Cointreau and fresh Lime jus over plenty of ice this was top of the refreshing cocktails.  I also had the Comfort Killer at sunset Bungalows and  although I dont usually partake of Southern Comfort when combined in a tall glass with  Peach liqueur, Pineapple Jus, Orange Jus and fresh Lime Jus…. I could become a convert.

‘Cant remember its name’ at La Tentation

Predictably there was the odd occasion where my memory failed me.  I do recall this was our wedding anniversary, I had made a couple of Bacardi based beverages at the Bungalows,  we went on a lovely sunset cruise in the bay where the bubbly flowed….then we headed to La Tentation, for the second time that day, where I ordered this cocktail. It was fresh, fruity and alcoholic….but the exact ingredients ….ah well.

Rastafarian Flag at Sunset Bungalows

The Rastafarian flag at Sunset Bungalows was a variation on a traffic light Malibu, Midori, Cranberry Jus and Pineapple Jus.

Of course I made a few extra cocktails in our room with the duty free Bacardi and some local ingredients…but that is another story…..


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