Stunning Seafood in Vanuatu

As you may have noticed in previous posts, our time in Vanuatu was largely spent enjoying the bounty of this island and although I didn’t get on the scales for proof I know that I gained somewhat through the experience.  Small Islands have several benefits as a holiday destination: 1. You are never far from a beach and 2. fresh seafood.  Luckily Rob and I both love seafood and were able to sample some of the best Vanuatu was offering, sadly it did not always live up to the expectations we had and price was not always a good indicator of quality.  Please enjoy this sample of some of the stunning seafood we encountered.


Lobster Salad at La Tentation

This was the lobster dish of the holiday – stunning to look at ad a delight to eat.  We also returned to La Tentation for our Wedding anniversary dinner and I had the ‘Reef & Beef’.  This was a huge steak that had been pocketed and filled with a half lobster tail.  We did take some pics but they really didn’t do the meal any justice so just trust me on this one – it was awesome.


Smoked Salmon Bruschetta at Tumanu resort


Smoked Marlin Salad at La Tentation
Smoked Marlin Croquettes at Chantilly's

The presentation of these would have to rank them in the ugly category, but it really didn’t matter because once I had a taste I was transported to another place where beauty is in the mouth.  These were pure smoked marlin, hand moulded, lightly crumbed and fried with a mild aioli on the side.   In contrast, we went out locally in Brisbane last week and I ordered the chefs special, Salmon Croquettes, and was astounded to discover I was eating tinned salmon with mashed potato for twice the price!!!


Served Sizzling in a cast iron pot….

Garlic Prawns at La Tentation
Prawn and fish Cakes at Sunset Bungalows

…. large chunks of prawn and fish in a light batter…..

Garlic and Chilli Prawns at Tumanu Resort

…. the ‘not very cheap but well worth the price’ meal in a spectacular location……


Both of these meals were at Sunset Ate, the restaurant at Sunset Bungalows where we stayed.  We ate lots of meals here and were never disappointed in either the food or the service.

Crispy Skinned Poulet Fish at Sunset Bungalows
Reef fish in Coconut Batter at Sunset Bungalows


Sadly this was unavailable during our week of holiday but we will be back….


Lobster Beurre Blanc at Chill

Chill had been recommended to us by several people who had been to Vanuatu so we booked dinner there as one of our ‘special’ treats. Sadly this was the dearest main course we ordered and the greatest disappointment.  Dry rubbery lobster swimming in butter with a mound of rice.  On the up side a set of nut crackers were provided to get into the legs and claws – sadly the flesh in these was all dried up.



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