Introducing new flavour combinations to our Grand-babies

Our Grandies have come to stay over for the night.  Zach and Lilly are now 13 months and we have them for a day every second weekend – but tonight is the first sleepover.  Like the organized Nan that I am, we have an assortment af bags of baby food in the freezer; some made specially for the grandies and others an assortment of puréed leftovers.   My buddy, Allyson, and I used to do this all the time when her twins, Jason & Megan,  and my Dianne were being raised as triplets.   Lunchtime today I defrosted a bag of apple and semolina from the freezer but as the grandies appetites have increased since I froze it I decided to mash a banana to add in.   The Apple / semolina was defrosted in the microwave and heated through, the banana was mixed in, the spoon was checked for temperature and taste….bwah, phat, bewe, WHAT!!!   Mashed Potato and banana!!!  OOps – perhaps Nan should start labelling the bags before she puts them in the freezer.

Label the Bags

Nothing wasted as Zach and Lilly loved their lunch and gobbled it all up.   They also enjoyed their recycled leftover beef and vegetable casserole followed by a girl guide biscuit for dessert.   Both babies now bathed, bottled and sound asleep.   I wonder what breakfast at Nan and Pops will be.


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