Egg Flip – The all natural protein shake

I recently wrote about the Egg Nogs or Egg Flips that my Nana made for my sister and I when we stayed in Timaru for holidays, and this week I started drinking them for breakfast.

Like over 50% of the population my doctor feels that I could do to lose a bit of weight.   Over the years I have tried many different approaches to weight control including some of those “eat only this” diets, powders, pills, bars and combinations. and yes, just like a yo-yo – scales go down then scales go up…..   I even tried exercise, with and without diet, with some short term success.

Dieting theory is simple.  On a knowledge based level I know that if I eat less food than I require to perform the tasks I do on a daily basis I will lose weight.  If I eat more than I need – I will gain weight.   Therefore to lose weight I need to eat less or do more activity each day.

On an emotional (pleasure) level, its not so simple. I Like food!  I like lots of different food and I like to try whatever is on offer.  I like cream, butter, cheese, pate and eggs – I also like vegetables and meat and gravy and pork crackling.  I also like to drink Scotch and Chardonnay and cocktails ( not all at the same time).

How can you have your health and eat it too?

Now, with high cholesterol and high blood pressure there is an added push to make things right.     Once again, I trolled the shelves and websites for the magic solution – you know the one – eat what I want, do no exercise and melt away that fat.  My Dad sent me an article about eating less processed foods.  Sticking to food that is as natural as possible. Not quite the Raw vegan diet but cutting out all the ‘things” that are done to food to make is last longer, quicker to prepare, lump free and convenient.  Oh but can I be bothered, do I have time, is it easy…….

Enter the protein shake (again).

So there I was, standing in the supermarket comparing meal replacement powders… and thinking why not an egg flip just like Nana used to make. You cant get more simple than this, more natural ingredients, nutritional and cheaper than the powder stuff.   Yay just buy eggs, milk (skim or low fat), vanilla essence and nutmeg.

Nanas Egg Flip
  1. Put all ingredients in a jug and mix with stab mixer (stick blender) of blend in a blender.
  2. Pour into a glass
  3. Garnish with a sprinkle of Nutmeg.

Ta Da!!!  30 seconds and breakfast is ready.


  1. Nana used a hand beater or fork to make these and there were always those slimy bits of egg white (chalzae) in the bottom of the drink – they added character but using an electric mixer will eliminate them.
  2. The vanilla and nutmeg provide natural sweetness
  3. If you are on a quest to gain weight – use full cream milk

All natural, tasty,  quick, no special ingredients required, Nanas special recipe…..

Dec 2011 – With a touch of Brandy

17/11/14 – I have recently foung a lactose free, caffine enhanced version of the egg flip.

16/12/2014 – Fluffy Ducks

29/12/2016 – LCHF Egg Nog

Blatant Advertising Happens here – I am a proud seller of Rawleigh’s products in Deception Bay, Queensland Australia.  Rawleighs was founded in New Zealand in 1889 and make a wide range of personal care, medicated, gourmet and cleaning products.

Rawleigh's Deception Bay
Some of the Rawleigh’s Range

Please contact me if you would like to know more.


15 thoughts on “Egg Flip – The all natural protein shake

    1. Hi, I was just thinking about what you were saying, my Dad made them for me all the time and if I had been sick he would put ice cream and chocolate topping in them to help me feel better, and they DID he used a had mixer and then we got a Vitamiser.

      I will use low fat milk and not as much ice cream I am sure it will sill be yum.

      Karen Elleray
      Melbourne, Australia.


      1. Hi Karen – yum with Ice-cream and chocolate topping 🙂 I am sure they were a cheap tonic or easy nutrition in the days when people had chooks and cows of their own. I know that when I am a bit lacklustre an egg flip is a good pick me up…and yes I too opt for the low fat milk. I find the vanilla and/or nutmeg fill the gap where that fats and sugars used to be.


  1. what else were they called??? my mom who is 94 said her mother (my NANNIE) DIDN’T call them egg flips. and she DEFINITELY didn’ put any brandy in them. TEMPERANCE. [she}Nannie{ was born when Teddy Roosevelt was President. i can still feel her comb out my very curly hair.
    : ^ ))))


  2. I always add a 1/4 tsp of rum flavoring…but have also done vanilla and throw in a handful of canned peaches or pears and blended and it was good too! @Andreale if you add ice I think it’s called a frappe


  3. My Dad used to make egg flips for us in the late 70s approx. I really liked them. Thanks for bringing them back to my attention 🙂 I can’t wait to make one using your recipe (and just replacing the milk with some organic almond milk due to my dairy intolerance).


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