Thoughts on being a vegetarian…

I am a fan of a well prepared and well flavoured vegetarian dish and will often order the vegetarian selection on a restaraunt menu – not for any moral, religious or health reason but just because it sounds appealing.

 I am not a vegetarian.  I like a good steak cooked medim rare.  I enjoy chicken and I love fish, particularly salmon.  I also enjoy the vegetable fritatta, the grilled vegetable bruschetta, the potato and eggplant curry, anything with spinach and feta, the stirfried tofu and falafel salad wraps

I have vegetarian friends, relatives and colleagues.  I am more than capable of preparing for them a meal that adheres to their dietary requirements.  Yet there always remains this odd feeling that I get when dishing up or laying out the meal.  Something is missing. This quote sums it up…..

Vegetables are interesting but lack a sense of purpose when unaccompanied by a good cut of meat.”   Fran Lebowitz  (1951-, American journalist)

…I think?  Does this make me a just another “meat and three vege” girl at heart?



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