You can choose your friends, but not your family…. really

So what happens when family become friends??   In 2008 we sold up everything, move across the ditch, settled in Brisbane to be closer to my Mum & Dad and closer to two of the girls who had already made the move.   This meant leaving a whole lot of family and friends back in NZ including Robs Parents, a pile of our siblings, the four sons and all the aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews & cousins.   Must confess that the first few weeks were very busy finding jobs, schools, accommodation and air conditioned malls to just chill in – but they were also quite lonely times.

We had many family get togethers, dinners, birthdays, visitors from the homeland and the like. There were also some work dos and after work drinkies.  But no local friends.  Rob even resorted to inviting some long forgotten cousins for a BBQ only to discover one of them lived right around the corner.

Three and a half years later and many many BBQs, Christmases, birthdays, bottles of wine, house shifts and conversations…it hit me.  These people are not just relatives – they are friends.

Cousin in laws & friends

No one cares about the charcoal chicken, the mushy rice, the over catering or the spider in the garden.  Its OK, we are human and our oopsies are accepted.

If I am totally comfortable in your kitchen, going through your cupboards, making salads with your children, drying your tears, and telling you my fears…. then you are my friend.   How cool.   Its true – you cant choose your family, but you can choose to be friends with them.

Bring on Adelaide when I can spend time with my Sister/friend at her home (for the first time) – I can’t believe that its the first time I have stayed in your home – I’m lost for words at how we have come so far and missed that.  I choose you as my friend too.


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