For Food and Family – 1st Annual Report as a Blogger

A year in review

The blog For food and family was initially started with the aim is to create for my family and friends a searchable, stable and secure inventory of our favoutite foods where friends and family from all over the world can access them with ease.    For me ‘Food and Family‘ go together and by family I extended this concept to include all those friends with whom we have shared and enjoyed food.  I wanted to include the  people and places with whom we associate the food and the meals that made lasting memories or the people to whom that particular food mattered.   Some of these recipes are yours, the memories of when we shared them are ours.

The journey into my recipe archives has been less orderly than I first imagined that it would be.  I have three books into which favorite recipes have been hand written over the years and the initially plan was to approach my writing systematically,  book by book, with the odd digression to respond to particular requests.  But it hasn’t happened that way.  The recipes could be handled in that way – but the people, the memories, the events of the year and the seasons couldn’t.

The process has evolved and often a memory, event or happening gave rise to a recollection of a taonga, a treasure, that may have been a meal or a recipe or a person whose time had come and whose story was bursting to be shared and when this happened I found that I was almost writing a journal of thoughts with associated recipes rather than recipes with associated memories.  I don’t think this is a bad thing because todays events and happenings are tomorrows memories and I might as well capture them while they are fresh.

The process has also been great fun – we have had a variety of family events both big and small,  Dianne and I have taken gazillions of photos, we had to buy more Blue Willow dishes and serving plates (for the photos), we went to Vanuatu and chronicled our travel in food, we have had to cook (and eat) lots of our favourite foods and we have told the stories of people passed.

The Statistics 

What would an annual report be without some figures.  Thankfully has some fantastic statistical reporting so that I have not had to do the calculations myself.

  • First post to the blog was on January 18 2011 – almost 1 year
  • This is post # 125 – I was hoping to do 1 per week and have achieved double that.
  • There are 48 categories under which the recipes are indexed. Most are in multiple categories for searchability.
  • There are 182 people following my through email, facebook, twitter and wordpress – what can I say.
  • My mum has made the most comments on the recipies and memories – thanks Mum for the support.
  • For Food and Family has been visited 5063 times – not including the times I look – and many of these are just from random google searches
  • The top 10 search terms used by strangers to find my blog have been –
    1. red
    2. mince
    3. lolly cake
    4. louise cake
    5. uncooked slices
    6. neenish tart
    7. chocolate coconut slice
    8. highlander mayonnaise with condensed milk
    9. condensed milk
    10. egg yolk sponge
The Highlight

Having my blog, this blog, For food and Family, quoted on a travel site ( and  – they used my photos, my experiences and my words from our Vanuatu trip and referred to me as a FOODIE !!!!  Ok so I didnt set out to become famous but it was really cool to get some unexpected press.

The AHA moment for 2011

I have a growing number of friends who I consider to be family – and there is no rule that says your family can not be your friends.

The year ahead

What is my plan for 2012.  Planning what you will write and when you will write it seemed a good idea but didn’t really work. This year I intend to plan less specifically.

  • I aim to continue adding to this collection with Recipes and Memories from the distant past or the current events.
  • I hope to be able to respond to more of your requests for the recipes that go with your memories.
  • I want to share more meals with friends and family and to document those memories for the future
  • I need to learn to use my cameras better and in different situations
  • We are going back to Vanuatu for 2 weeks and hope to revisit La Tentation and Sunset Bungalows as well as some of the outer islands where we can try different foods
Thank you for visiting For Food and Family, please come again
Janey Kyle-Scott

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