This is what I was meant to do!

What energises me? What gives me pleasure? When do I feel fulfilled and satisfied? When am I in the zone, where my work feels effortless?  What did I like to do as a child?  What games did I play?  What do I do for fun? How do I relieve stress?

These are some of the questions that I ask my clients in their quest for employment and career fulfilment.  I often ponder the same questions in relation to my own life…but never really get to answering myself.

The Stanley Hotel at Kilcoy

Over the last couple of weeks I have assisted at a couple of family events where my experience and passion for food, beverages and ensuring guest satisfaction were able to be exercised…..and I loved it.

Then last night I had “the dream” where I was slogging it out at some type of event. There was food, there were drinks, there were happy people and there were exhausted staff.  The staff asked me how I kept going…and I replied “This is what I was meant to do”.  OK it was only a dream…. but what do I do with the revelation?

This blog, For Food and Family, is part of living the dream, recording the events, sharing and enjoying the Food and Beverages and experiences with family and friends – but what now?

How do I take this to the next level?  What is the next level?  Any suggestions would be welcomed.


7 thoughts on “This is what I was meant to do!

  1. I think that a lot of people ask themselves those same questions, but few rarely decide to do something about it. It’s good that you are dreaming about fulfilling your dream. Your heart is longing to fill a void. Pursue it, find a creative way to make your dream a reality. Place sticky notes around your home that have positive phrases and words written on them, this will help to keep you motivated. Motivation and encouragement can play a big role in pursuing a dream. Good Luck, I look forward to hearing more about this pursuit. 🙂


  2. Have you written down the answers to your own questions? Of all the functions you have done [starting with your first food prep experiences to your latest ones], which ones have you the most pleasure, which ones would you like to replicate [with differences] for other people, and where would you like these to happen? NZ, Australia, Vanuaatu, Keep chasing your dream Janey.


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