All things Roses for Valentines Day

My Buddy always said “Those with little expectations are seldom disappointed” and this has been my philosophy for Valentines Day.  Sure when I was at school (when it wasn’t so commercialised) I was disappointed when one or two girls got a rose or a handmade card….but I have never really expected to get anything.  Through the years since then I have received the occasional rose, box of chocolates or cute teddy-bear…. but there have been more years with nothing than there have with something. Therefore, on the law of averages, I expect nothing and avoid any disappointment.

2012 was to be no different – I did get into the theme of things with little hearts painted on my nails by my daughter, I did joke and laugh with my colleagues about who was or wasn’t getting it right on the  romantic front – but my expectations stayed in check.  I know my hubby loves me, 365 days of the year, not just on 14th February.

Because of my “little expectations” my delight was immense when I discovered the single red rose and the delicately rose flavoured Turkish Delight on my bedside cabinet after work.  The pleasure is so much better when it is unexpected – Thank You Darling.


Rose Flavoured Awesomeness

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