My evening with Rod Stewart – A dream come true

OMG how amazing – I got to spend 2 hours in the same room as Rod Stewart.  I have so wanted this opportunity since I was about 12 or 13 years of age…and now (much closer to 50 than anything else) I finally had my time.  OK so the room was quite large (Brisbane Entertainment centre) there were a few (thousand) other people in the room, he didnt look into my eyes and sing only to me (probably didnt even see me) but I was there and it was amazing.

Rod Stewart

What relevance has this to Food and Family – Not a lot really although my family and close friends will know how much this one night with Rod meant to me.  The first ever Christmas present I purchased for my family, with my own money, was a Rod Stewart cassette – they didn’t really appreciate it but I loved it.  Yes, as a teenager I was going to marry this man until I was reminded of the cruel reality that I was too young for him and from New Zealand so wouldn’t have a chance.  Then along came Rachael – even younger than me and from NZ –   OK she is blonde –  I am a brunette and her legs are twice as long as mine…but ahhhh broke my heart that did.

My husband and children have tried in the past to get me tickets when Rod has been in NZ – but always missed out.  They have brought me CDs and DVDs as consolation prizes…. they even watched Rod Stewart on DVD (big screen version via data projector) all through Christmas day, including while we ate,  in 2007.   So getting tickets to his Brisbane show on 22 Feb 2012 was amazing.   Then there was the long wait – over 200 sleeps until the concert….. finally the day arrived.

Accompanied by my long suffering and tolerant husband Rob (who has the same initials as Rod Stewart) we headed off.  Found a carpark, had some food them found our seats.  Not so close to the stage… actually not close at all, but in the same room.  Waited impatiently for the warm up act to do their thing…… and then HE walked into the room!!!

Were havin a party, Tonights the Night, Sailing, Downtown train, Do you think Im sexy?, Maggie ….. hit after hit for two whole hours.   Not only did he sing but he danced, strutted, kicked, grooved and moved – for a 67 year old he sure can party hard.    I love the American Songbook compilations – but this concert was real Rod Stewart – the stuff I fell in (and out of) love too during my teen years.  This was the music I related to and was able to freely sing along to.  I also noticed hubby Rob singing along to a few songs.

This was my Rod Stewart – I spent the evening with him and although he never once looked into my eyes, he sang to my soul and my dream came true. 

Tonights the night

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