We’re havin a party … and there is a dessert buffet

Rod Stewart opened his Brisbane concert with this great number and it reminded me that I still need to finish the story of Anne-Louises party at the start of this year.  I have already given the recipe for Mrs Pedders Prawn Sauce and ALs Kebab Marinade.   What I haven’t told you about is the dessert buffet.  So here goes.

AL had mentioned that we needed to put together a fruit platter and a cheese board for dessert and that Daryls Mum (aka Mrs Pedder) would be bringing a pavlova and a trifle – too easy.  When we were setting up I had allocated space for these items to be set up along with the required bowls, platters, plates etc… then it started…   AL goes  “oh and theres also these nuts, and some dried fruits, and I got some chocolates we will need space for…..” No Worries, got it sorted.   Then Mrs Pedder arrives with the pavlovas and Trifles (both now plural)….oh and the lamingtons, stewed apricots, jellies and lots of other yummy treats.  Uh Oh – make a bit more room around the corner…..

The Dessert Buffet

There was plenty of food and dessert was served oldies first…..

Dad getting first round of dessert

Nick (Daryls son) decided the plates were a bit small and found something bigger…..

Nick with his bigger plate

Not to be outdone, Rob raided the kitchen cupboards to find a plate worthy of his appetite and found this one….

Robs Dessert Platter

…although he did put the ice-cream back for others to share.

We rounded the evening off with a Bee-sting Cake from the Bakery at Hahndorf to Celebrate Dr Smiths Birthday.

AL with her Bee-sting Cake

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