New Technology in my kitchen – Another dream come true

YAY my darling husband has made another dream come true. Many years ago – way before the internet, when a computer required a very large desk…I had a dream.

I had a dream that one day I might have a computer in my kitchen with all my recipes at my fingertips.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my recipe books and their whakapapa or family history – but I have so many and I can never remember which one contains that special recipe that I made once and have never found again…. and so the dream was to have them at my fingertips. To be able to save recipes in a searchable place and have them near at hand.

Of course the early version of the dream involved complicated text files with a file codemane that was indexed in a spreadsheet like Lotus 123 where a search could be performed in colums and rows to locate the number of the file that contained the recipe….Easy!!!!

Then about a year ago I started blogging the recipes on WordPress – not for myself but to meet the needs (requests) of friends and family.  This has been great!!! …and when I need a recipe off I trot to the office, find it in my blog, print it and take it to the kitchen…. sort of easy except for the large stack of what once were trees now residing in my kitchen…. and too hard to find one that I know I printed the other week…. this is not the dream happening.


So I make a quiet suggestion to my hubby (Ol Blue Eyes) that perhaps a tablet mounted in the kitchen would remove ‘that mess’ and free up some space while saving trees.  Win – win.

Today the Tablet arrived – and a mounting bracket is on its way.  Ahhhh recipes at my fingertips, throw out all the paper, get rid of the recipe books (I dont think so!!!!).  Sat the tablet on the charger all day.  Got the 20 something year old daughter to hook it to our wireless modem, set the time, increase the font size, saved WordPress as the home page, added some apps like timers, measurement converters (for the kids), background music (Rod Stewart)…..

OK. This is the dream…. This is progress


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