Moreton Bay Bugs – A first experience

Since moving to Queensland almost four years ago I have heard tales of Moreton Bay Bugs, seen them prepared on TV and wondered what they are like.   Finally last weekend we made it our mission to find and try us some Bug.


Moreton Bay Bugs are also known as Bay Lobster, Bug, Shovelnose LobsterSlipper Lobster, Squat Lobster and Mud Bug. Moreton Bay Bugs are found along the entire coast of the northern half of Australia.

As I have never cooked with these before we decided to find a restaurant and try them….so Rob trawled the internet….and off we went to Wellington Point.  The “Point of View” restaurant had Bugs on a steak, Bugs in an asian dish with rice or a mixed seafood BBQ platter.  We both opted for the BBQ platter which came with Bugs, Prawns, Snapper, Calamari and Salmon all served with a side salad and either Aioli or Sweet chilli sauce. 

We sat outside in the breeze and enjoyed the view while we waited …. and then the meals arrived – a huge plateful of seafood topped with two half bugs.  While we were not disappointed – we weren’t blown away either, other than by the breeze that was picking up.  BBQ Bugs tasted salty and sweet but not as sweet as Te Kaha crayfish – they were also a we bit on the dry side.  But overall still a yummy meal, good friendly service and nice wine.

Keen to buy some fresh and have a go at cooking them ….feel free to suggest your favourite Bug recipe and watch this space.

Just came across these instructions for a Paella with Moreton Bay Bugs  ….this is now on my to do list.  


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