Liebster Blog – An Award….for me???

WOW – Following up on the Great March stats I then received a notification that I had been nominated for an award by another blogger named Suzy Platt.  Instantly suspicious (I dont get awards – I get Spam) I checked it out. This is legit.  This is how people who write blogs can recognise and share their favourites with others.    Liebster comes from the German word meaning beloved or favourite.  Cool concept.  Humbling moment, Thanks Suzy. Now all I have to do is select five blogs to nominate – thats not going to be easy.

I just want to say another huge thank you to for nominating me for this award!

I am so proud of my little blog now!

I am going to nominate 5 of my very favourite blogs, even though there is more than 5 but I’m only allowed to nominate 5!

And the nominees are:

1.  – I can relate to this

2. – Newish blog but inspiring

3. – Thanks An

4. –  Great images of New Zealand

5. – Because I love Rod Stewart too

In reality there are many blogs that I enjoy reading and looking at but these are this weeks top five.


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