Dinner out at The Glen

We eat out a lot.  Not because I cant cook, or wont cook…but because we like to eat out –  Actually Iove to eat out.  We have a few local favourites that we have discovered since moving to Brisbane but are always looking for new or different dining experiences.  Last night we decided to try The Glen Hotel.  We drive past it often and comment that we must try, then Dylan suggested we should try “this place she saw from the bus” called The Glen, so after a hard day fishing yesterday (and an insane desire for sticky Pork Ribs) we checked out the menu online, all scrubbed up and off we went.

The Glen Hotel is a family owned and operated Hotel located in Eight Mile Plains on the corner of Logan Road and Gaskell St.  First purchased back in 1863, the Glen was the last stop into Brisbane for the Cobb & Co Coaches – Eight Miles from Brisbane. The Glen Hotel has come a long way since those days and is now one of the largest, most diverse Hotels in South East Brisbane.  http://www.glenhotel.com.au/

We were keen to sit out on the large deck that we had seen from the road but the menu for that part of the Hotel didnt have the ribs…so we went through to the Restaurant and were delighted to find that it is courtyard style with a deck opening out to a lush bush style garden adorned with classical sculptures and fountains –  so we sat there.  We were starving so wasted very little time looking about and just got on with the business of making our decisions.  Mine was simple –

Smokey BBQ baby back ribs – Our specialty… tender marinated full rack of pork ribs slow cooked and marinated in our own smoke house bourbon BBQ sauce.

Rob went for the 400g jumbo rump –  with the with Mushroom Sauce and the Coastal Addition of Grilled garlic prawn skewers, salt & pepper calamari, half shell Moreton Bay bug with garlic cream sauce

Dianne decided that The mixed grill  had all her favourites – Char grilled porterhouse steak, chicken breast skewer, baby back pork ribs and chorizo
sausage served with fried egg and grilled tomato.

For Dylan it was a revenge meal. A day out fishing with no fish to take home…she wanted seafood and selected the Grilled Australian barramundi with the Coastal Addition of Grilled garlic prawn skewers, salt & pepper calamari, half shell Moreton Bay bug with garlic cream sauce.

Decisions made, the waitress reappeared to take our orders and presented us with a whole raft more decsions….potato or fries, vege or salad (Garden or Caesar)….. Oh and beccause the menu had so many yummies on it we also ordered a serve of Peking duck spring rolls with sweet and sour plum dipping sauce as a starter to share and decided to leave the ordering of dessert until later as he choices were awesome and decisions still needed to be made.

Without much ado the Spring rolls arrived and were devoured ravenously – they tasted good too.  Then, quick as a wink the cutlery was adjusted with huge steak knives for Rob, Dianne and myself…and a finger bowl!!!  Starting to become impressed with the level of service here as this is something we haven’t seen a lot of in Brisbane.  The team were quietly going about their business,  with no fuss or panic, in a manner almost befitting of a fine dining restaurant – I was in my element and loving it.

We didn’t have to wait long and the mains arrived – these meals were big and looked divine – but hungry as we were we didnt even pause to get pictures – the image here was taken from The Glen website.  Eating, talking and sharing from each others plates we managed to eat all bar a few chips.  The Chorizo on Diannes plate was nicely spicy and Dylan enjoyed her first Moreton Bay bug.  I didn’t really require the huge knife for the ribs as they were so tender that the meat fell off the bones and melted in my mouth – but the knife looked great and the finger bowl was a blessing.

Then it was time to order dessert from the amazing selection…but alas we were now feeling quite full.   We couldnt leave without trying the Banana split spring rolls – filled with fresh banana, Cherries,  caramel, peanuts and chocolate topped with whipped Chantilly cream with a cherry on top. Just one serve to share though.  We left having really enjoyed our dinner out at The Glen and will be back.


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