Party Pies for young and old at the family fEaster

Our recent family fEaster featured chicken, rabbit and eggs on the menu as well as all the chocolate based treats for dessert. Due to the fact that rabbit was going to be a new experience for many I created some party pies to allow for easy and non threatening tasting in a sample size.  To allow for all the family preferances I made a Golden Rabbit Tartlet in a bread case, a Rich Tomato Rabbit in a purchased mini canape case and the third option was a Chicken and Mushroom Pastie.

  • The Golden rabbit featured Rabbit, Onion, Carrot and Garlic in a bechamel sauce presented in a Bread case
  • The Rich tomato Rabbit was a reduction of Canned Tomato, Sundried Tomato, Onion and Sage  in a purchased Canape case
  • The Chicken and Mushroom Pastie was enhanced with Onion, Capsicum and freshly ground pepper in a bechamel base tucked into short crust mini pasties.

These were very adult party pies… for the discerning relative.  Each option was labelled to allow  people to eat to their preference and rabbit sensitivity level. This worked well until someone swapped all the labels!!!

Easter fEaster Party Pies
Easter fEaster Party Pies

Of course not everyone is discerning enough to appreciate the subtle and clever combination of flavours that were created with rabbit and Chicken.  These people were catered for with your average frozen party pie that may or may not contain mince.  None the less they were totally enjoyed.

Zachand Lilly tackle their first Party Pies
Zachand Lilly tackle their first Party Pies

I dont think it matters what you put in the party pie,,,, nor does it matter if it is traditionally shaped, pastie, bread case or tartlet…. Party Pies Rule!!!!

Oh and don’t forget the Watties…


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