Making pigs of ourselves at Hogs Breath Cafe

Just had a really good dinner out.  It was quite a decision regarding where we were going and what we wanted to eat so after some serious google searching and a couple of phone calls we made a reservation at Hogs Breath Cafe in Carindale.  We had checked the menu out online and had a rough idea for our shortlist of choices…. and a keen desire to have a go at all of the desserts.

The evening started with a bit of a pain when we discovered that they had actually moved from the courtyard area (where they were two years ago) up to the Cinema food court. We were parked in the wrong place and it took a bit of a mission to move the car to a more convenient parking spot. The website did mention this and we cant blame Hogs Breath for the Westfield Carindale parking warrens but signage could be improved. Got seated, given menus, left to contemplate, asked if we wanted to order drinks….so asked for the drinks menu.  OOps. Then it was all uphill.

Hogs Breath Cafe

I deliberated long and hard on the cocktail list eventually settling on a YES with fresh Strawberries, Lime wedges, Vodka and lemonade.  Dianne went for a Choc Berry Hog and Rob was delighted to discover both Coke Zero and Ginger Beer on the beverage selection.  Then we had to make decisions regarding the food. Starters were almost a no brainer – Dianne had the Fired Cheese, Rob went for the Prawn Twisters and I had the Boss Hogg Mushies.

Rach did an excellent job of explaining the Hogs Breath Speciality 18 hour slow cooked prime rib steak and both Dianne and I decided to give it a go.  Lots of options regarding portion size, steak toppers and sauces, salad or vege, fries or mash and of course how we like our steak cooked.   Rob decided on the Tex Mex combo when we were looking online and stuck to his choice for a Flame-grilled sirloin steak served with a lightly spiced seafood Chimichanga topped with cheese sauce and Mexicana tomato salsa. Served with house salad and Hog Tail Fries.

The drinks arrived followed very quickly by the starters which were exactly as they were advertised. The surprise star was the jalapeno jelly that was served with the Cheese which was yummy with the Mushies. Great start to the meal.

A reasonable pause and then the mains arrived. Diannes and mine were big, given we had both ordered the smaller portion size, but Robs was HUGE!!!

Tex Mex Combo
Tex Mex Combo

As with the starters, the mains were exactly what was advertised.  The curly fries are always a hit and Dianne was delighted with the pool of melted butter nestled in the top of her mash.

Natural Prime Rib
Natural Prime Rib

Over dinner I was impressed with the sense of purpose and efficiency displayed by the team of relatively young staff in a busy restaurant with no panic at all (or none showing).  The table turnover was quick and slick with new customers seated at clean, reset tables before the seats had time to cool from the departing guests.   I was particularly impressed to see staff going about their tasks and taking time to pause to pick rubbish off the floor as they whistled past – again well done Rach.

We managed to eat all of our dinner, except Diannes Corn Cob,  with Rob even surprising himself to clean his plate totally.

My “YES” cocktail was fruity and crisp and such a pleasure that I also ate the strawberry slices to keep the pleasure going just a bit longer.  Alas there was one major casualty during dinner – our appetite for dessert was gone as our starters and mains filled us up to chocker.

Will we go back?   Yes.

Would we do anything different?   Yes, next time it will be dessert first.

Hogs Breath Cafe

Ph: (07) 3398 2300
Shop F17, Westfield Carindale (directly below the cinemas)

1151 Creek Rd
Carindale QLD 4152

Open 11:30am – Late 7 days


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