Our U-Bute Restaurant Style BBQ at home

Cooking at the Table is a popular trend in many restaurants either Hot Rock, Stock Pot or BBQ – and we like them all.  Other than the 70’s fondue (Cheese or chocolate) we have not really dabbled in table top cookery at  home…so tonight was kind of a first.  The idea came to me on the way home from (yet another) day out fishing. Rob had recently purchased a U-Bute Portable two burner gas operated BBQ after seeing them advertised on TV…. and we had to pass the supermarket on the way home…. and the idea took root.

Impulse buying is never a good idea but we did it anyway – fish fillets, prawns, chicken kebabs, lamb leg steaks, beef fillet steak, button mushrooms, mini tomatos, potato pom poms, crumbed cheese…..in fact anything that we thought might be nice on the “cook it yourself” BBQ.

Next step was to make a plate of goodies for each person taking into account likes and dislikes.  We also allowed for some to steam their fish in foil and others to grill.


Table set with a plate each for the cooked food, mini tongs, cutlery and all the different sauces from the fridge and a bowl of garlic butter.  Then we got Rob to fire up the U Bute and the cooking began….

The whole thing looked and smelt divine…..tasted good too.

Started to get a bit smoky and when the neighbours shut their windows we realised that we had the burners on high instead of “BBQ” setting OOPs, sorry.

Smoke aside –  this was awesome.   We ate till we were stuffed (again) and still had leftovers. Now that we have tried this we will do it again.  If you like the look of this hop on over to the U-Bute website and get yourself one of these or if you have more than four people you might need to get two.

U- Bute

One thought on “Our U-Bute Restaurant Style BBQ at home

  1. Looks yummy – shades of ShabuShabu – have anb induction plate to one side and you could keep a bowl of broth going as well for eggs, veges etc. My mouth is watering.


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