Montezumas Mexican Meal – the good, the bad and the rest….

On Friday 4th May we had a mini celebration and the four of us decided to head off to our one of our fave eateries in Browns Plains, Brisbane.   On the way we passed a  Montezumas and all of a sudden our plans changed.  You see, everytime we have seen a Montezumas we go “Must try that sometime soon”.   So there we were, headed somewhere else and….quick change of plans and Mexican here we are.

The Good

Got seated in a cute little booth and given the Menu and drinks list. While drinks were decided on we took in the decor which was really nice, bright and cheery.

Montezumas Browns Plains

Ordered Drinks – Melon Margarita, Virgin sunrise, one whose name eludes me and a Coke Zero . The drinks came and were good.


Although the meals took ages to arrive and didn’t present very well my Mole Pablano was divine.  My chicken dish was served on a bed of rice with an aztec nut sauce, 32 herbs and spices and coconut crusted Pineapple and Banana. The flavours of cinamon, Chillie, aniseed and corriander seeds were rich and mouth filling.   Dianne enjoyed her Durango – a Chicken enchilada and a beef enchilada on a bed of rice.

The second round of drinks were good too although we had alost finished our meals before the drinks arrived.  I had a Pina Colada and Dylan had a Fruit tingle.

The Bad

The service was hit and miss. The booth next to us had staff at their table on a regular basis, offering more drinks, checking on their satisfaction and making chit chat.  We had to wait ages for our food order to be taken and actually had to get the attention of a staff member (after several tries) to request the drinks list so we could order order more drinks…..we were thirsty and we were still waiting for our food!!!!  Maybe they were celebrities or management.

The plastic pages of the drink menu were stuck together with rotten food.  By stuck I mean that I had to peel them apart using reasonable force and by rotten I mean bad enough to make you gag –  it smelt vile. Pretty sure it was refried beans and sauce.  As the drinks list was taken away our food arrived – sadly the bad smell lingered in the booth.   We didnt get any napkins with our meals and actually had to take some from an adjoining table.

Rob was disappointed by his San Andreas which was described as Garlic Prawns sauteed in ranchero sauce with jalapenos and capsicum, topped with cheese and baked.  What he got was a bowl of tomato sauce, 6 smallish prawns, 3 bits of jalapeno and 4 small cubes of capsicum. Some dried out rice and 2 tortillas accompanied his bowl.  Not value for money at $21.95

Dylan opted for the Nachos, full plate with Chicken.  This was touted as as triangles of corn chips, smothered with oven grilled cheese and drenched with rancher sauce, served on a bed of beans.  She asked if they were chilli beans and was told yes.  What she got was a plate that was spread with a 1cm layer of refried beans (which she hates), 12 round corn chips around the perimeter, cheese that was difficult to see (not somthered) and tomato sauce.  Oh and the chicken that cost $3.00 more was less than 1/2 cup.

We had ordered two sides –  a bowl of sour cream and a bowl of Guacamole. The guacamole was really nice but $4.95 for 2 – 3 Tablespoons was a rip off.

Three of our plates had rice as a base and this had obviously been plated up and put in the oven.  Either the oven was too hot or the pre-prepared plates had been in for a long while as the rice had dried and hardened.

During the waits….. we had time to have a good look around.  There was an invitation to join their Gold Club…..

Gold Club Promo

“On your 6th visit you get a free meal”   Reward or Punishment????

Oh, and the sign was also spattered with food. Uggh

The Rest

We had been planning to stay for dessert  – there were some great options – but once we had had our mains we were actually keen to depart.  No one had bothered to see if we wanted anything else so we paid the bill and went to Baskin & Robins for Ice Creams.  No matter which Baskin & Robbins we go to the IceCream is always good.

Dont think we will be back to Montezumas again. – Sad because I did like my Mole Pablano and the decor.


One thought on “Montezumas Mexican Meal – the good, the bad and the rest….

  1. Dear Janey, We would like to thank you for taking the time in contacting us, as without feed back from our valued customers we would think that everything was running smoothly. We greatly appreciate your help and guidance, and will strive to improve always. Thank you again. Kind regards Management Montezuma’s Browns Plains


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