Happy 1st Birthday Little Buddy

Dear Kevin

I have not had the opportunity to meet with you yet but I do owe you a letter and an apology.  This week you are turning one and I have yet to post the gift I purchased for you when you were born.   The book should get to you before you can read.  Yes, I am a slacker, but its so much more than that. I got you a book, I know you cant read yet but I actually got it before you were born.   The book is called ‘Thank you for being my friend’ – this is also the title of song that defined my friendship with your Nan, my buddy.  One day your Mummy might play the song for you.  We loved to sing in the car on trips.  Your Nan was my best friend, forever.

My Buddy & I
My Buddy & I

I haven’t sent you the book yet as I want to write a dedication in it.   Every-time I start to write the dedication….it gets too long, it gets too hard.  So I decided to write you a letter to go with the book.  Before I continue ….. I don’t want to make your mummy sad – so make sure you give her a hug…..and I don’t want to make her angry – so keep being cute to make her smile and laugh.

This week you are turning one.  What an awesome Mickey Mouse cake you had and how courageous you look in your Super Man suit.  One day I will get to meet you but until then I love seeing the pictures of you. You look like a real character, full of energy and joy – a bit like your Nan. She was always the energy in our friendship, the dynamo, the starter…. she was and always will be My Buddy.

Megan & Kevin

Oh how your Nan would love to be there – but I know she is watching you from her place in Heaven and would be so proud of how your Mummy has grown and matured into a beautiful and caring mother. Kia Kaha Megan.

I first met your Nan in Rotorua before your Mummy was born.  We were both having babies and over time we became friends – sharing so many things like birthdays, picnics, weddings, holidays, happy times and very sad times. For much of those 21 years we were inseparable – not always a good thing and although we didn’t always agree on everything we were always friends – actually we became family.   When one of us was sad the other would be there to support and help.  I loved her so much.

Little Kevin, there are two things I wish for you  –

1.  I wish you could have met your Nan

2. I wish for you a Best ever friend – like I had in your Nan

Lots of Love

“Nan” Janey

PS This blog is about ‘Food and Family’. Ally and I cooked together, ate together, fed friends and family together. Her family will forever be my family and my buddy’s food will always be out food. Thank you for being my Friend, buddy.


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