Our “We didn’t go to the EKKA” dinner party

The year is 2012. We didn’t go to the EKKA today.  The EKKA is the annual Brisbane show where the country comes to the city, the people get a day off and flock to the show to mill about in hot steamy crowds, look at the animals, go on the rides, buy expensive show bags and eat show food.

We are having our own EKKA Party – minus the hot steamy crowds & smelly animals. Actually we do have a smelly animal as Buffy the dog is in need of a bath….. authenticity I say.   We played Carnival games on the Wii and purchased mystery gifts for each other to make our own show bags…..

Not EKKA Show Bags

For dinner we are having –

  • Mini Gourmet Dagwood Dogs – (also known as battered sausages or NZ we call them a Hot Dog) tonight we have used mini cheese Kransky’s with a Guiness beer batter.
  • Beef & Cheese Sliders
  • Toasted Cheese Sandwiches
  • Curly Fries
  • Selection of sauces – Tomato, Smoked Manuka, BarBQue & Sweet Chilli
Our Not from the EKKA Feed

Traditional at the EKKA are the Strawberry Sundaes that raise an awful lot of money for charity.

Not really EKKA Strawberry Sundaes

Our sundaes have fresh strawberries macerated with some sugar to create their own syrup topped with Ice Cream and fairy floss.

Not at the EKKA Piggles

Oh, you were probably wondering what was in the show bags……

Not from the EKKA Show Bag Contents
  • Dehydrated figs
  • Coconut and Apricot balls
  • Boot Socks
  • Recipe Books
  • Licorice
  • Pyjama pants

Happy EKKA holiday 2012


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