Apple & Lemon Tart for my Daddy

Of all the requests for recipes – this has been the hardest to satisfy.  My dad has a recollection of a pie that he ate as a youngster growing up in the back of South Canterbury in New Zealand before he moved to Timaru.  In his recollections it was a pie filled with grated Lemon Rind – he still loves his candied peel to this day.  I have attempted to recreate this dessert for him and after much tweaking and research this is the closest I have come.  By using an apple that holds its shape when cooked it has the look of grated lemon rind and takes on the lemon flavour.

  • 1 sheet of ready rolled Pastry (or you can make your own)
  • ½ Cup Sugar
  • 50 grams Butter
  • 1 egg
  • 2 Grated apples (skin on)
  • 1 big Lemon –  Rind (coarsely grated) & Juice
  1. Line a 20cm pie dish with puff pastry or a sweet short pastry
  2. Cream butter & sugar,
  3. Add egg & beat well.
  4. Add apple, lemon rind & juice.
  5. Spread over pastry
  6. Bake 200ºC for 45 mins
Apple & Lemon tart

Remembering that this was a recollection from the mid 1940s the apple varieties would have been home grown and quite tart thus adding to the impression that it was all lemon in the pie!!!.  Keeping true to the era, this should be served hot with fresh cream off the top of the billy-can but given that most of us don’t have milking cows any-more – pouring cream is the next best substitute.


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