Simple Pleasures

Enjoying a week off work with a big long ‘to do’ list that I am tackling one line at a time.  There is something therapeutic about crossing things off a list – as if you can see the progress you are making.

Just had a yummy sandwich for lunch with Avocado, Lettuce, Cheese, Vegemite and cracked pepper on a Soy & linseed bread. The simple pleasure of a sandwich filled with your favourite selections is hard to beat. This was totally awesome and could only have been improved if Marmite & Vogels bread were available.

This is reminiscent of the family holidays in the bus, and in earlier years the van or tents, where we would stop and make fresh sandwiches for lunch…. holidays and sandwiches…. bliss.


Now it is time to go and partake of some other simple pleasures like sorting my wardrobe, getting on top of the filing and cleaning the bathroom before preparing dinner.


One thought on “Simple Pleasures

  1. We were unlucky not to have avocado in those days but fresh produce from roadside stalls certainly helped and sliced ham or chicken or devon sausage certainly filled the gaps.


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