Breakfast at work – good or bad habit?

There are quite a few of us, including the CEO, who arrive at work early and have our breakfast at work.  The tea room is filled with eggs, fruit, toast, bacon, yoghurt, muesli….. you name it – we have it at some time or another. Its strictly bring your own but is still a social time of the day as we jostle for the milk, the toaster, the microwave, the coffee and the cutlery draw.

Breakfast At Work


Mmmmm banana on rice cracker with coffee. Oh and I love that coffee mug.

  • Breakfast is a good habit.
  • Starting work early is a bad habit.
  • Socialising at work is a good habit.
  • Two good – One bad.  Breakfast at work wins!!!

I wonder if we can get an espresso machine……….


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