PappaRoti – my new love

Just been out for the morning with my hubby and decided to find somewhere for a coffee.  Stopped at a mall we hadn’t been to before on Warrigal Rd at Eight Mile Plains in Brisbane.  As we walked past the shops there was this AMAZING smell coming from a small store-front with a few tables. We kept walking to see what else there was and were drawn back to that smell – so glad we did.  PappaRoti only sells one food product – the PappaRoti – Father of Buns with a wide range of hot and cold beverages including pearl teas.

We settled for a Bun & a coffee each. Buns came first – big, round fluffy buns the size of a large burger bun with a crisp baked glaze on top and a surprise of melted butter in the centre…..ooooooo la la.  Coffees appeared quickly also and were fantastic too.  Honestly people these buns are well worth the trip to Eight Mile Plains but they also have stores on the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns and around the world.

Photos of these buns do not do them justice as the smell and texture are something else again – so here is a picture of the store with the friendly franchisee.


Established in Malaysia in 2003, Papparoti is a successful food chain which has flourished all over Asia with branches in Malaysia, Dubai, China, Vietnam, Korea, Phillipines and since the 15th of June 2010; Australia.

With the growing appeal for fast food and pastries, PappaRoti provides a new and unique home-baked snack experience for customers at any time of the day. These delicious, lip-smackingly good buns are already an instant hit in several countries, due to the countless hours of research and development to prepare the bun. The signature bun consists of crispy and fragrant coffee-cream coated over light and fluffy dough with a hint of a buttery filling.

In order to appeal to the Australian culture, stores found in Australia will be noticeably different from stores found in other countries around the globe. A bakery-cafe theme provides the option for a family to stay and enjoy themselves with some buns and drinks, or for people in a rush to grab a bun and coffee on the go.



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