Food Glorious Food – Stuck in my head while ……

I’m not sure why or how but for some strange reason the chorus from this awesome musical song is stuck in my head.   Maybe it is due to my son commenting that he had put too much liquid in his oats and was having gruel for breakfast, or maybe it is my efforts to eat somewhat healthier that has created a poverty mentality around food…or maybe I would like to be taken on a date to a musical – with dinner either before or after.   Who knows. 

Sadly I have found myself singing in the car, humming in my office and generally obsessed with “Hot sausage and mustard”. 

 Is it worth the waiting for?
If we live ’til eighty four
All we ever get is gruel!
Ev’ry day we say our prayer
Will they change the bill of fare?
Still we get the same old gruel!
There is not a cust, not a crumb can we find,
Can we beg, can we borrow, or cadge,
But there’s nothing to stop us from getting a thrill
When we all close our eyes and imagine
Food, glorious food! Hot sausage and mustard!
While we’re in the mood, Cold jelly and custard!
Pease pudding and saveloys! What next is the question?
Rich gentlemen have it, boys  – Indigestion!
Food, glorious food! We’re anxious to try it.
Three banquets a day, Our favourite diet!
Just picture a great big steak , Fried, roasted or stewed.
Oh, food, Wonderful food, Marvellous food, Glorous food.
Food, glorious food! What is ther emore handsome?
Gulped, swallowed or chewed, Still worth a king’s ransom.
What is it we dream about? Wat brings on a sigh?
Piled peahes and cream , about Six feet high!
Food, glorious food! Eat right through the menu.
Just loosen your belt, Two inches and then you
Work up a new appetite in this interlude
The food, Once again, food Fabulous food, Glorious food.
Food, glorious food! Don’t care what it looks like
Burned! Underdone! Crude! Don’t care what the cook’s like.
Just thinking of growing fat, Our senses go reeling
One moment of knowing that full-up feeling!
Food, glorious food! What wouldn’t we give for
That extra bit more , That’s all that we live for
Why should we be fated to do nothing but brood
On food, Magical food, Wonderful food,
Marvellous food,
Fabulous food, 
Beautiful food,
Glorious food
 Oliver! Lyrics source:

 So then I went looking for a suitable image with which to illustrate this post. Something cute, something personal, a picture from the musical,….what will appeal to the masses, what will drive traffic to my blog, what relflects my feelings…… and I found this.

How sobering. real children in our world, in 2012 are still living in the same poverty that the Oliver story portrayed.  Children are still being exploited buy unsrcupulous people under the pretext of ‘helping’ and we I stand by, knowing it is happening, going about my life…..   

Right now on the radio is a story highlighting the number of people here in Australia that go without food – not just missing a meal but going whole days without food.  This poverty is not only happening ‘other places’ politely called third world countires but here in Australia and back home in New Zealand.    What are we  am I doing about this?  What can I do?  What will I do?

image respectfully borrowed from


3 thoughts on “Food Glorious Food – Stuck in my head while ……

    1. Yeah – for the “All you can eat” buffet for $9.90. Good value for money compared to some other restaurants but still enough for a large bag of rice and a few tins of tuna that would feed a family for a few days.


  1. Update – …and then I get this email at work….. “This week ACOSS released a new report on Poverty in Australia which shows it remains a persistent problem with one in eight people living below the poverty line. Improving employment services is vital to reducing poverty and Jobs Australia is investigating improvements to employment services from 2015 and beyond with the objective of ensuring that more disadvantaged Australians are assisted to find and keep jobs.” …. and I realise that my job is helping to relieve poverty by helping people gain employment…. 🙂


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