Major Consideration when buying a house – what is the local pub like?

Very busy last few weeks sorting out the purchase of a house.  Actually we are purchasing the land and having a house built on it.   Very happy that I will be cooking on gas and will have large outdoor entertaining areas.   The planned occupancy date is May 2013 and I know there will be more moments to share along the way.  These are exciting times with contracts, variations and colour schemes  to deal with not to mention the legal and financial advisors.  Aside the formal matters there are many other things to consider and for us one of these was the dining out options in the area.

Last night we decided to check out the offerings at the the Kensington Junction which is the local pub  (public house, hotel, licenced premises) having first checked out their menu online.  The evening was not without drama as we struggled to find the entrance to the premises.   Eventually we got it sorted, parked the car and then legged it to the main doors – which are the only ones.   Found the restaurant (known as a Bistro) found a table, then worked out how it works.   Fairly standard style of service here in Australia – you look at the menu, decide what you want, got to counter to order and pay, get a number, have a drink while the food is cooked  and when your number is up you collect the meal from the counter – did I say service?

The menu is well set out with some interesting and slightly different meals which was refreshing to see.    There is a kids section and also a seniors menu – looking good for family get togethers.  Rob ordered the 400 gram Rump steak with a Prawn topper and I opted for the Veal schnitzel  garnished with avocado then topped with prawns & scallops in a mornay sauce before being grilled.   While we waited we took in the atmosphere of the bistro area – inside playground for the grandies, 3 high-chairs  flexible table arrangements, not overly flash and close to the toilets.

Rob went up and collected our meals – WOW they were big meals and without further ado we tucked in.


These meals were good, tasty and exactly as the menu had promised them to be.


Kensington Junction Veal

During dinner the background music was of a good variety and very suitable for the dining setting  while still allowing normal conversation.  While I did mention that the style of service was self directed the staff were friendly, pleasant and helpful within that context and we both enjoyed our meals.

After dinner (and another glass of wine)  we decided it was time o clean out their pokie machines (coin operated gambling) to assist with the finance of our new house.  On this occasion we left without the big win but will return again to try the rest of the menu.

Kensington Junction

25 Julie Street, Crestmead, QLD 4132

Foot note – just noticed that the Kensington Junction is in Julie Street…… did you know that our land is in Judith Street (dads Sisters name), in the County of Stanley (Dads Father) which is in the Parish of Mackenzie (a well used  name in Robs family)….. and Julie is also an aunt of mine.

More to follow on this journey to stability.


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