Calamvale Hotel gets a blogging – or is that a flogging

Just took our second chance meal at the Calamvale Hotel.  The first time we went the new restaurant had only just opened so we put the issues down to teething troubles…. but now, some months later we decided to give them another go.  Tossed the coin on where to have dinner and made our way to the Calamvale.   *sigh*

Waited  at the ‘wait here to be seated sign for ages… then were finally taken to be seated, given menus and a wine list.  The waitress informed us that she would “leave our glasses on the table in-case we ordered a bottle of wine” and disappeared.   She came back and took our drink orders and proceeded to collect the wine and water glasses off the table…..can you see where this is headed……. I (nicely) asked if she could leave the water glasses and bring us some iced water…..she informed me it “wouldn’t be iced as it was in a bottle in the fridge”.   OK…. Note to self, just ask for ‘chilled’ water next time.

Bartender arrived with the drinks and asked who was having the wine…me….so she placed the glass…..and who was having the ginger-ale …Rob, who was on the other side of the table…so she placed Diannes OJ then walked around and gave Rob his ginger-ale….10/10 for initiative and for not leaning over the table.   She also informed us of the dinner specials and advised us on her recommendations…..Love this gal!!!!

First waitress came back to take the orders…. Dianne asked if she could swap the potato bake on the crispy duck to the mash from another meal…to which the waitress replied “I can see, now just to get it straight – do you want entrees?”  Um er ….. yes and Rob & I want dinner too.   Skip a bit of irrelevant stuff…..Rob ordered the mixed grill which comes with a mushroom sauce….. the waitress returned and asked what sauce he wanted…turns out he had a choice but he said he would have the mushroom sauce… and could he have the steak medium.   Oh and Dianne could have the mash but there would be a $2.50 surcharge.

Entrees came and went…and were nice although the garlic bread could have had a bit of garlic flavour.  I feel like I’m a complainer about now…but, well, at over $30 pp one has expectations higher than McDonald’s.

Dinner arrived and were a good size.  Dianne got the Potato Bake AND the mash….. Robs steak had a ‘medium’ label in it but was very rare…..My chicken was amazing!!!  No-one came to check on our enjoyment or offer more beverages…which was a bit sad cos I was thirsty.

As I was eating the end of my salad the waitress approached and asked if she could clear our plates…and through my mouthful…I muttered “yes”.   Rob informed her that he was not actually happy with the steak (not that she asked) as it was so raw it had eaten his salad….she laughed.  10 points for having a sense of humor… but laughing at a complaint…. not cool.   She did go and speak to the manager and we were offered a ” free dessert to share or a free drink”…I settled for the glass of wine.

Decided to rescue the evening with a bit of Pokie magic, but sadly even the machines were against us.  So here we are at home –  fed, watered, broke and wondering where to take our next punt on a good local meal.

Two strikes and you’re out ….at the Calamvale Hotel. 


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