Celebrating 50 Years of me

In the year  2013 I turn 50 years of age.  All of my school friends will have recently done the same or are also about to do so. I wonder what has become of them?

I have seen many quirky ways that people chose to celebrate their annual milestones such as random acts of kindness to match the number of passed years and have given much though to how I can commemorate this auspicious occasion.   I have also been toying with the idea of writing my memoirs… of which the publishable draft looked far too boring to continue with.

I know that each year of my life has held significant people or events that have shaped me and made me the person that I am today.  Those who know me well or have visited this site before will know I am a list person….  Thus I have decided to create a short, illustrated chronological list, or series of  mini memoirs, with the aim of celebrating the creation of the 50 year old me.

Of course no project would be complete without a deadline….

“I will complete the writing and publishing of my mini memoirs by my birthday in early September”

Where possible I will share the memory with the person/s or people concerned as I want them to know the impact they have had on my life.


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