A noble idea…but harder than anticipated

Celebrating 50 years of me seemed like such a good idea.  All too easy to write a chronological history of the people and events that have shaped the  50 year old I will become later this year.   Oh But where to begin, what and who to include, what order did these people and events occur in my life, what about the overlaps????   Sheesh!!!!

Couldn’t start to write until I had a plan, an overview, a list of the list.  Had to ensure that all the stories had their place, correctly aligned to the years.

So while you are all sitting there in anticipation (or already given up on me delivering) don’t despair –

  • I am still on track
  • I will complete this mission
  • You will hear stories previously untold
  • You will just have to wait a bit longer

The plan is almost complete then the writing can begin….WATCH THIS SPACE !!!



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