0. 1963 In the beginning…..

Where to start?

Let’s start at the very beginning
A very good place to start
When you read you begin with ABC
When you sing you begin with do re mi
(Sound of Music)

In the beginning….. (too biblical)

Once upon a time……. (too fairy tale)

Let the fairy tale begin...
Let the fairy tale begin…

It was New Years Eve when Tony and Barbara Smith gathered with their friends at Bay View, a seaside village near Napier in New Zealand, to farewell 1962  and welcome in 1963.  Tony and Barbara had married in 1960 (yes that is their wedding photo) and had a daughter, Anne Louise,  who would be turning 2 on the 20th January that year.   I hope she was with a babysitter this particular evening lest she bear witness to the events that were to unfold as the celebrations wound through the evening and into the following day.   Some time during the course of these celebrations, at a picturesque location nearby,  a decision was made, consciously or cosmically, to bring forth another child to the world.  Nine months later, on Spetember 5th 1963,  I made my grand entrance.

My recollections of these momentous occasions are blissfully absent, but I have it on good authority that child birth procedures and pain relief in 1963 were not as modern as what we had for the birth of my children some 20 years later or even what is available now in 2013.   As I am writing this my mother just posted the following quote on Facebook…..

Don’t forget to ground yourself 
Become more present in your NOW moment
When you are fully occupying your body and you can feel every cell in your body tingle
– it is alive and vibrant – you are present.
This solid foundation is your inner core, 
Your inner peace.
(New Life Resolutions, Cherie Roe Dirksen)

…. and I wonder if this was her experience during 1963.

A quick search of Wikipedia for 1963 shows-

  • New Zealand had a Population of  2,566,900 and Keith Holyoake was the Prime Minister
  • Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor, Rex Harrison and Richard Burton was the top grossing film of the year
  • The Beatles hit She Loves you was the top of the pops
  • No other important births or deaths  occurred on the day I arrived
  • The significant news headline of the day was ” British prostitute Christine Keeler is arrested for perjury.”

Anyway – I was conceived and born in 1963 and this was the year that the person I am today began to be shaped…..


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