Rhys’ Restaurant for a night of Celebrations and Surprises

Over the last 4 1/2 years we have many a time commented, as we have driven passed  The Colonial Motel, that there is a restaurant we should try.  So yesterday my darling husband booked us in for dinner and left Dianne and I to do the big guessing game.

What a beautiful restaurant.  Warm rich colours with an old world charm that just makes you smile.

Inside the restaurant

The staff were welcoming, friendly and were expecting us.  Another smile.

Seated, menus, drinks ordered…..

Surprise #1 Wines can only be ordered by the bottle – sad, when dining with two non-drinkers I didn’t really want a whole bottle of wine so I ordered a cocktail – old school Jelly Bean and it was yummy.

The menu was quite extensive with a mix of old favourites like Garlic bread, Calamari, Fish & Chips, Beef Steaks, and  Rack of Lamb…. but with enough quirky twists like the Trio of Soups, Waffles and Fondues to make the decisions interesting.

We decided to share some bread and skip the entrees to ensure we had room for dessert.

The Cheesy Garlic Bread was Amazing….hot, garlicky, gooey, browned on top….. just great!!

There was a lengthy pause as we waited for our mains to arrive – not too long but almost – and I ordered a Piccolo of sparkling wine to accompany mine.

Dianne celebrated the completion of her butchery apprenticeship with a  Rack of Lamb which arrived on the promised bed of mash with Broccolini and no Tomato – Just as she asked…with Surprise #2 Mushrooms in the sauce and Asparagus – neither of which she likes nor expected.  Lucky I was there to assist.  The Potato mash was smooth and creamy which made her smile too.  Congratulations Dianne on all your hard work.

Rack of lamb with mash potato and sundried tomato

Rob, who was commemorating  30 years since he retired from the Navy,  went for the Beef Rib Steak on the Bone (medium) with Chips rather than the Potato Galette, Mushroom gravy and the side salad.  Sadly the steak was nearer to well done (which explains the wait for the mains) but this was redeemed by the large quantity and good quality of the mushrooms in the sauce.  Surprise #3 saw the side salad loaded with Olives and Feta (again a bonus for me) and limp cucumber.   If you are serving Greek salad you really should say so as not everyone likes this.

I went all out and ordered the Seafood Sensation which promised a mixture of hot and cold seafood – a perfect combination with my Sparkling wine.  Another little smile of anticipation crossed my face as it was placed in front of me.  The plate was full – not a fried potato product in sight, half a lemon, a bowl of dressing and a cute little bundle of salad.  The oysters in the shell and the Beer batterred prawns would have to have been the highlights of the seafood and the salad was simple and refreshing.  Surprise #4  The dressing was plain mayonnaise, which although it was pleasant, was not very inspired for the dish.  Surprise #5 was definitely the low point of the night – the half Moreton Bay Bug, served in the shell, was decidedly off.  Not on the turn, but off.  This was a huge disappointment to me.  Our waitress, Brooke, attended to this and returned with two Bug Halves “specially selected by the chef” and these were good.  perhaps the chef should specially select all the food rather than taking chances.

Rhys' Oysters- topped with diced tomato, red onion and basil

I excused myself to go to the bathroom and wash my hands and received  Surprise #6 – spare furniture stacked along the wall to the rest rooms.  Why is the necessary in a well appointed restaurant that advertises ‘fine-dining’?

Ah well, another sip of Bubbly and bring on dessert.

Dianne was excited to order the Belguim Waffles with Oreos and Ice-cream which delivered as promised and exceeded her expectations. Her waffles were light, fluffy, crisp and good

Ultimate waffle sandwich

Rob selected the Baked Chocolate Cheesecake which was exactly as ordered but failed to “ping”.  The  cheesecake was rich and dense with a  large rustic Mint branch garnish that could have been better selected and refined to suit the restaurant.

For some reason I was inspired to order the Fresh Strawberry Ice-cream Sundae.  This dish was the highlight of my evening.  Served on a large plate was a pile of fresh Strawberry pieces topped with a scoop of (commerially made) vanilla ice-cream.   The plate had been swirled with a strawberry coulis that was so flavoursome I would have licked  the plate had we been at home.

I celebrated my choice of dessert.   Simple, tasty, clean, – well done!!

This was a lovely night with great atmosphere and staff but a few too many surprises that let the team down.

The food looked so good that we tucked straight in and forgot to take any photos ….  Images are from – http://www.flickr.com/photos/rhysrestaurant/


One thought on “Rhys’ Restaurant for a night of Celebrations and Surprises

  1. Thankyou for your detailed write up. It sounded like a huge night full of celebration!
    We have taken note of all the things we can improve on. Once again sorry for the bugs, will have to contact the supplier to see how that sneaky one got though!
    I’m sorry Brooke didn’t mention that we have a large range of wines available by the glass, which would have helped you celebrate the evening.
    We also have a private room out the back where you are more than welcome to lick the mixed berry coulee off your plate.
    Once again thanks for trying our little suburban restaurant out. We hope to see you again.

    Ps: next time when you book let us know the special occasion and we can decorate the table for you. 🙂


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