The demise of the Cheese Platter

This has been a rather busy week for me and I was in definite need of some relaxation and pleasure activities.   My Daughter asked if we could watch the grandchildren for a couple of hours and I felt that this would be a nice bit of therapy.  Our grandbabies are now 2½ (note to self – they are not babies any-more) and are developing their personalities.  While Lily is a natural, outgoing and extroverted young lady Zach has a determination and sense of humour that shines like a diamond when he lets it.  We had a lovely morning with the toys inside then went outside to ‘help’ Pop fixing the cars – actually we played on the swings and the trampoline so were not much help.

I had taken time  to do a bit of baking  before they arrived and had made Dee Muffins in cake pop shapes….check these out!!!  These are like a mini jam donut with spices in the mix, jam in the middle and icing on the top.

Dee Muffins - Cake Pop style

I really enjoy baking and must find a way to bake more often – but not eat it all.

Alisha and Chris arrived back and we had our Muffins…then realised it was actually lunch time and I hadn’t thought about that at all as I had been having too much fun playing with Lilly & Zach.  A bit of quick thinking and Cheese and Crackers were decided on.  Now this is not strictly a lunch that I would normally serve up but it was quick, relaxing and lazy.  Generally the cheese would be accompanied by some cold meats, pickles and perhaps a tomato.  Today it was cheese and crackers.  No bells or whistles just the basics.

Popped it onto our ottoman in the lounge where we could all access it and proceeded to have lunch and ended up having a laugh as Lilly and Zach explored the social Skills and etiquite of the “Cheese Board”.   Sadly I didnt have my camera ready so missed the very beginnings….

Please click on an image to enlarge, see captions and view in slideshow form…..

From here on we were laughing too hard (yup real laughing with tears on your cheeks) that I didnt get any more pictures…and we sent Chris up the road to get lunch for the adults.


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