15. 1978 Loves first tingle

My memory of that moment is crystal clear

I can recall it as clear a watching a video of it

There is action and there is sound


Most of all there is a tingle

….that flows through my veins

Not a burning sensation

Not a chill of horror


a tingle of electrical delight

….like sherbet fizz or champagne in my blood

….like a room full of giggling toddlers

….a physical buzz of excitement

That moment, that time, that place

Do you remember it too?

It was so long ago, and we are older now

We were so young, yet so grown up

I have other memories of our time together

….Gifts exchanged or going to a movie

….Staying up all night to watch the FA cup

….Parties and sports

but most of all

I remember that moment




I Love You


The person who shared this moment with me may never ever read this….but for me it was that moment when all my other angst disappeared.

The moment he told me is forever etched in my mind.  That first moment when a non-family member really accepted me as I was.

That love faded and was replaced with other loves, deeper relationships and other memories but the memory of that moment will always be special

I had found my drug.  The buzz, the high, the elusive thrill.

The feeling of good, of hope, of optimism, of future and it was in that moment I became addicted, addicted to that thrilling tingle, addicted to being loved.

I was worthy, I measured up, I had a friend, I was socially acceptable…

I was loved

Thank-You for Loving me


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Janey Kyle-Scott


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