20.1983 Becoming a wife and mother….and an apology with no regrets

The big wake up /shake up at the end of 1982 compounded my previous  heartbreaks and I revisited the feelings of loneliness that had characterised my growing up years.   Although I had good work colleagues, friendly residents in the motor camp and re-established connections to family…I was alone.  I was living in Supertramp in a beautiful setting by the beach and working in an awesome job at The Mon Desir hotel I was craving someone to share my life with, someone who would love me the unconditional love that I deserved.

So, someone who knew someone that I knew…knew I was on my own and sent a friend of theirs to bring beer and companionship into my life…..

…we became an item, discussed an engagement and quite deliberately I became pregnant.  Deliberately and deceitfully on my part…and unwittingly on his.  Families got involved, weddings were planned and in our youthful exuberance we were caught up in the swirl of it all and became husband and wife.

With Mum & Dad on my Wedding Day
With Mum & Dad on my Wedding Day

Six months later Richard Graham Kyle entered the world and stole my heart.  Here was the person that would make me complete, would be my companion, would love me unconditionally and would soak up all the love that I could bestow upon him….at least until he became a rebellious teenager.  In this tiny 7lb 2oz swaddled bundle of nappy and noise was the antidote to my loneliness.

Riki has been all that and more as he has overcome obstacles, risen to challenges and made me proud at every turn.

I apologise unreservedly for the deception by which I became pregnant, however I make no apology for becoming a wife and mother…and going on to have two further amazing children from this marriage.


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