Having a punt at the Sunnybank Hotel

On many occasions we have thought – lets try Graziers Steakhouse at Sunnybank Hotel…but have never managed to get there…until recently.  Dianne, Rob and I ventured out to try another of the local nearby hotel restaurants having seen their advertising banners when passing and checking out their menu online.

Our first visit was really enjoyable with Dianne having the Crispy Skinned Duck Breast, Rob had the Graziers Rump Steak with Garlic prawns and I had the Chicken Louisiana – Chicken Breast stuffed with cream cheese, ham, garlic and chives wrapped in bacon.  The restaurant was calm, clean and well staffed with our meals all really tasty and enjoyable.   We resisted the temptation to have dessert and happily donated a few coins to charity through the pokie machines.   On our departure we vowed to return, perhaps with the grandies as the restaurant has a quirky kids menu and a play room.

Last night Dianne organised dinner….and off we went to the Sunnybank Hotel for our return visit.  Making our decisions was difficult and we ended up ordering some Cheesy Garlic Bread and a plate of Panko Calamari to share as entrees as well as ordering our main courses.

The entrees arrived promptly, with individual sideplates for each of us (nice)   and we tucked straight in.  The garlic bread was awesome, gooey and flavoursome with enough crispness in the crust to be texturally pleasant.  The calamari was crunchy, plentiful and hot piled atop a fried noodle, rocket and spinach salad with some pineapple salsa.


While the salad mixed with creamy mayonnaise was rather unusual it was not unpleasant and added a nice contrast to the calamari however the salsa was superfluous to the dish adding only a visual effect but no flavour.   We had not had time to finish this before our mains arrived and the remnants of our entree were whisked away.   Now I am the first to get upset if there is a prolonged wait between the entree and the main course but bringing out the main course while the entree is still being eaten, not even 10 minutes after it was served…well thats just too efficient.

Diannes main course of Orange and ginger glazed Pork Belly with baby bok choy, braised turnips and dutch carrots with an orange infused jus looked AMAZING.  Sadly the promised flavours of Orange and Ginger were missing and the sauce tasted like a weak wine reduction.  The pork belly had crisp crackling but could have had a bit longer for the meat to become tender.


Rob had again ordered the Graziers Rump 400grams  with a mushroom sauce, Chips and salad….


While I ordered the Crispy Skinned Snapper with Chips, Salad and a lemon butter sauce.


Sloppy presentation (see Robs Sauce) and a miniscule portion of Snapper was an immediate disappointment insulted further by the tasteless creamy textured sauce.  Both of our meals lacked dressing on the salad, which was  cheap and uninspired, considering the meals were close to the $30 mark each.  This was pub-grub at it worst.

We were wondering why we had come back.   However we we ate our meals and sallied forth to make our pokies donation.  Dianne and I returned to the restaurant to order Chai Lattes and Dessert with Dianne selecting the Chocolate Chilli Bite while I settled on the Blueberry and Almond tart.   Much to our entertainment we observed, and heard, the staff member being instructed on his first attempts at making Chai latte… and made up names and stories for the fish in the Aquarium while we awaited our desserts.   What Dianne thought was going to be a small dessert arrived as three portions of the cake and my tart arrived oddly accompanied by a passionfruit coulis.  While the desserts looked stunning the  coulis ended up being the hero of the dish having discernable flavour that was lacking in the desserts….. but the hero of the night was the Chai Lattes…WELL DONE on a first attempt!!!!

The evening ended pleasantly with Rob winning back the cost of our meals and a bit extra from the pokies.

So after one really good meal experience…followed by a fairly lacklustre one….. will we return?

You win some and you lose some….

Sunnybank Hotel

275 McCullough St
Sunnybank, QLD, 4109

07 3345 1081


One thought on “Having a punt at the Sunnybank Hotel

  1. Response via Facebook …. Sunnybank Hotel: Hi Janey, Thanks for your feedback. We are all working very hard to provide great service and value for money and all experiences are valuable. We would really appreciate the opportunity to discuss your comments further. The hotel manager is available on 3345 1081


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