28. 1991 They believed in me

Although this post will be short…. it will be sweet and heartfelt.

I want to say a huge thank you to –

Jill Chrisp and Liz Fitchett for encouraging me to apply the 2 year Hotel and Catering Management Course at Waiariki Polytechnic

– Peter Valentine – Course Coordinator; Alan Peace – Head of School; Jenny Peace – H.C.I.T.B;  Caroline Mettam– Housekeeper from THC; and the other two people who interviewed and accepted me onto the course

Stuart Taylor – Chef Tutor, Stephanie Mackie -Restaurant Tutor, Paula Cown –  Communications, Dick Everts – Business, Peter Valentine – Bar ; Liz Fitchett – Food Safety, Roger Gordon – Hospitality Management, Graeme Fairey – Wine  and all the other tutors for their amazing classes and support

Mum & Dad  and Chris & Steve for helping out with the kids

NZ Government for supporting me by paying my fees

– and my classmates Moana, Wendy, Vaughan, Amy, Roger, Mere, Michael, Heather, Andre, Kirsten and all of the team for accepting me as the “mature adult” in the class yet treating me as “one of the team”….. you were all Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We learnt so much and had heaps of fun….this picture was taken when we went to Napier to serve of a five course meal, prepared by the EIT students, for a charity event at Mission Vineyards.   Real world experience and so much fun  – except for the Crab Bisque!!!!

The team for "The Mission"
The team for “The Mission”

Your belief in me was astounding, your support was amazing…..and your friendships in the future……  what can I say….. THANKS

PS – Paula, please feel free to use your RED pen on this blog.


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