30 1993 The Rainbow – hope Springs eternal

As 1992 had ended I was offered a job – a full time, well paying, respectable job at a reputable organisation.  Did I take it – Hell YES!!!!

Peter Valentine, who had been one of my tutors for the past 2 years, was now restaurant manager at Rainbow Springs and needed someone like me (what ever that was) to come and work for him.

Rainbow Springs is a premier Tourism destination and in 1993 had several arms to its catering operation – The cafe serving over 150 people per day, the BBQ lunches serving another 150 – 200 people per day and the functions, of which weddings were the primary event.   My role moved quickly from Restaurant Supervisor to include Function Sales & Management, Staff Training and Stock control.   This was an awesome role with a great team of people both in the Cafe and in the entire operation.

In the first part of the year Mum and Dad advised that they were selling up and leaving for Australia.  Wow I was going to miss them and their support.   Prior to them leaving, with a good stable job, I purchased a house.  A stable place for my children to live. Poor Riki had had over 13 addresses by this time and I knew that this was bad.   The house was a bargain, a mess  and yet had loads of potential.   We had a home of our own.

Riki, Dianne & Alisha at Home
Riki, Dianne & Alisha at Home

Working full time, being the sole parent of three school aged children, maintaining a house and keeping track of it all once more became tricky.  Thankfully I had the support of good friends to assist with childcare and my brother Chris to help with the heavy stuff  (both emotional and physical).

Riki, Alisha and Dianne at School

We celebrated our Home and my 30th with a party….

My 30th Birthday Pic
My 30th Birthday Pic

…and the roller coaster of my life continued full steam ahead as I battled to do it all, to prove I could do it, to show I was worthy and to never show any weakness…..



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