31. 1994 Dreams do come true

I dedicate this post to all the self help books I have read advising you to “State your dreams”, “Specify your Goals”, “Describe your ideal future”, “If you see it you can be it”…..

Say it, dream it, visualize it, request it from the universe, believe….etc.

Load of baloney!!!  Until this happens…..

Back in 1990 when I was being interviewed for the Hospitality Course I was challenged by one of the panel…..” Given the 24 hour, seven day a week, shift working nature of the hospitality industry –  how do you see yourself   contributing  as a single parent with three small children.  What is the point of you undertaking this study when you will not be able to get a job with suitable hours for your family commitments”.    Luckily for me, i had anticipated this question and had rehearsed a slightly cheeky answer…..  ” Given the quality of this educational Institute and the high regard in which its graduates are held, I believe that I will be able to negotiate suitable hours with a salary structure that allows me to have a live in housekeeper/nanny to assist with the family”.  I had no idea how this could happen as we only had a three bedroom house…but I said it anyway, got accepted, did the couse, graduated well, got a great job…….

Suddenly here I was working odd hours, relying on friends and family to have the kids, putting the kids to sleep in their sleeping bags in the staffroom, having disasters with afterschool baby sitters at home and was starting to tear my hair our when **BaBOOM** – the universe remembered my vision.  By buddy Allyson called to see if she could come to stay with her twins.  She was broke but could provide childcare and housekeeping duties in return for cheap lodgings.  YES

With a little bit of adjustment we managed to all fit into the house with three 6 year olds, an eight year old, a ten year old and two mums.

Our Family
Our Family

It was tight but gosh it was fun.   We sang and danced and partied.  We had picnics in winter.

A winter Picnic in Rotorua

A winter picnic in Rotorua

We looked for love. We played scrabble by our rules.  We laughed. We ate ice-cream for breakfast.   We did culture.

Ally & I at the Museum
Ally & I at the Art Gallery

We lived.  We shared our friends and it was through Ally that I met Kay. They had also met in hospital – funny thing that.  Kay was older than us, odder than us, but gave us permission to be ourselves.  She lived a life of eccentric, eclectic, quirkiness that was all about living life in a happy manner.   Perhaps even a free-spirit.

Ally, Kay & I - in disguise
Ally, Kay & I – in disguise

More on Kay later.

This was living..I had a job, friends, my home, three great kids plus two, work-life balance……. I was living the dream.

(Maybe those books are right)


3 thoughts on “31. 1994 Dreams do come true

    1. Funny thing is – I wasn’t really trusting the universe at that time…I was being a bit cheeky – but the universe heard my need and responded in good time…. Funny how it all works out in the end.


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