Hotel HQ at Underwood

We have often thought that Hotel HQ looked like a place to try for dinner but we were usually already headed somewhere or were at the gym across the road or busy shopping and it wasn’t a meal time or …well whatever, we just didn’t get there.   Last Friday it was Diannes turn to cook and she decided it was her treat for dinner – all we had to do was settle on a venue.  A quick Google for “the hotel across the road from the Gym”  didn’t find what we were after but a more specific search and a look at Hotel HQs online menu helped us make the decision.

We were greeted by Steven in a very friendly (although rather quirky) manner, seated at the table of our choice by the fish tank, presented with menus and directed to also look at the specials board.

Hotel HQ fish tank

There were big decisions to make as we had already been won over by the dessert menu online so it was a no starters night!!!.  I struggles to decide between the lamb, the salmon or the vegetable stack so Dianne modified a came of coin toss (bank card shuffle) to assist in my decision making.

The final selection being a Rump Steak with Mushroom Sauce, Chips and Garden salad for Rob, the Pork Cutlet with Mash and Vegies for Dianne and the Roasted Vegetable Stack with Pesto for myself.  meals ordered we sallied forth to procure our beverages from the bar.  I am participating in Dry July ( a sober month fundraising to support those with cancer) it was no alcohol for me and i asked the barmaid if she could make me a Mocktail.  She obliged with this awesome fruity combination with just a touch of lemonade for sparkle.


Without too much of a wait our meals arrived and looked so great that we gobbled them up without taking any pictures.  This is a good sign in regards to the food but not very interesting for presentation of this review.

Robs steak was cooked Medium and tender, the sauce had big chunks of Mushroom and the salad had all the bits he likes with none of the stuff like olives and feta.

Diannes Pork Cutlet came with two sauces that I rudely stretched across to sample…the first was a delicate Creamy sauce for on the Vegies and the second was cold!!!!  I was shocked and surprised for about a nano second until I realized it was apple sauce not a gravy.  She loved her meal and would have picked up the cutlet bone to chew had we not been in the middle of a restaurant.

My Vegetable Stack(s) were  made up of layers of grilled Capsicum, Sweet Potato, Basil leaves and more with each stack sandwiched between two large field mushrooms placed atop a bed of Pesto accompanied by a handful of baby spinach leaves.  This was a lovely dish with well balanced flavors and textures made from ingredients that I love.  I could eat this every day and licked the plate clean.  It was perfect with my mocktail too.

We were well looked after by the plentiful staff, who were still waiting for the Friday rush to arrive, with enough attention to feel special but not so much that it became invasive.  We were offered the dessert menu, recommendations lead to selections and our waiter placed the order for us.  Rob opted for the trio of ice-cream, Dianne the Pecan pie and I the Passion-fruit Cheesecake.

Hotel HQ

The desserts were well presented but disappointingly commercially made and brought in rather than being made onsite.  While I understand the cost effectiveness of this, it still disappoints me to get a pre-packaged dessert after a wonderful meal.    That said Robs Mint Choc chip ice-cream had amazing mint flavor and Dianne really enjoyed her Pecan Pie.

Perhaps next time I will have a starter or a second mocktail rather than a dessert – but there will be a next time.


21 Kingston Rd, Underwood
Phone: 07 3457 0000

Well worth a Visit


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