42. 2005 Making it – and keeping the evidence.

We have just had a discussion about some of the clutter in our home…. actually it is not clutter, each item had significance for one or both of us as a memory of good times or as metaphoric pile of nuts in-case we again fall on tough times.   many of my “collected” items  are relics from 2005 and my reason for retaining them is that they are a tangible reminder – evidence even – of when I was in the zone.  I was performing, I was achieving, I was involved and I was accepted.   Our children were going ahead in leaps and bounds as they perused their academic, career and social pursuits.   As a family (led by Rob & I) we holidayed, worked hard, renovated, made plans, laughed, socialized and lived.  This collection of items are a source of reassurance to me – affirming all that I (we) can be – if only we set our minds and hearts to it.

As I look around the house I see many books, trinkets, images and other evidence of the year that was 2005

  • The planning folder for the ‘Food and Beverage Lecturers Conference 2006’ – an event held annually in various parts of New Zealand. My colleague Thomas and I were to organize this for early 2006 – 2005 was when we did the dreaming, scheming and planning that would ensure the success of the event.
  • Study material for my final two papers in my Diploma of Tourism management. Having studied extramurally on a part time basis, while working full time – this was a long term labour of learning.  But I did it!!!
  • Disheveled folders of Teaching material that I developed and taught including stacks of Overhead transparencies that are of no use to anyone now.
Precious relics
Precious relics
  • Souvenirs of Vanuatu collected by Samantha on her school trip. She was selected by her teachers to attend this week long trip based on her leadership potential.  Samantha was also part of the Gifted Kids program and the school Lexicologists Club – she was only 10.
  • A photograph of Rob with all four of his children.  A rare event to get everyone together and in front of the camera…even rarer (or perhaps non-existent) is a photo of Myself, Rob and all 7 of the children.
Ben, Hayden, Rob and Brad with Samantha in the front
Ben, Hayden, Rob and Brad with Samantha in the front
  • Paintings and photographs produced by Dianne as part of her passion of visually pleasing objects – a part of her home-schooling initially – but still a passion now.
  • Recipe books and cocktail books that contain pages gummed together from overuse and pried apart so we can re create the food and drink that remind us of the people with whom we last shared them – 2005 was a social year with dinners, BBQs and meals shared with many visitors.
  • “The Collection” of McCallum’s advertising items that had begun casually as I explored my heritage and then embraced by Rob with his almost obsessive desire to own everything ever produced in the range.  Not just one of each – but one of each, for each of the children, as their legacy.  Trade me, and later Ebay were his nemesis.  Amazingly this became the most comprehensive collection of McCallums items in NZ.  It is awesome & very dusty.
Family Heritage
Family Heritage – part of the Collection
  • Photograph albums (Electronic and Hard Copy) of the children and the house – including the New en-suite and renovated original bathroom.

Material possessions or things that remind me of when we were “making it” –  the year was 2005 and all memories invoked by these things are precious  ….  but golly gosh, they do clutter the house.

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