43. 2006 Stepping out in style

After what seemed like forever I had finally reached the completion of my Diploma in Tourism Management. Mum & Dad & Alisha flew in from Australia the night before graduation and after driving to Auckland to collect them we sat up talking and drinking all night.  Really dumb idea if you want to look fresh and intelligent in your graduation pics.

2006 was  the year that Riki married Jhana and this was conveniently (or accidentally) planned for the week after graduation – all we had to do was fit in a stag party …

….and get everyone to Gisborne – about a 4 hour drive – the day before the wedding.   Oh and we had to get the boys to pack up their fishing gear and get dressed in time for the ceremony. You can not begin to calculate how much time and “product” was used to control Rikis hair.

A few months later was the Annual Food & Beverage Lecturers Conference that Thomas and I had carefully planned.  Now I have admitted to being a control freak…but Thomas and I together – nothing is left to chance!!!!  The theme was Culture and Class with events from ‘Hangi & Concert’ at Tamaki Tours to a ‘Black and Gold Formal Dinner’ at Novotel with chef John Norton and a ‘Breakfast Cruise on the lake’ with Charles Royal adding a Maori bush twist to the menu.  I have hundreds of pictures from this event (thanks to digital cameras being so accessible) that I can not use them all – but I must say that looking through them has reminded me of the privilege I have in being associated with this awesome group of professionals.

With great encouragement from Aunty Robyn – Rob and I formalized our relationship in a quiet wedding ceremony at Rotorua Courthouse, attended by four of our children, and followed by a small but fun dinner.  Friends and family were advised of our nuptials via email with an invitation to celebrate with us when we were next together. This was an awesome plan that kept on the day expenses minimal and had us shouted meals for the next 18 months.

Yup - we did it
Yup – we did it

After many years of stable employment at Waiariki I left to start my own hospitality recruitment and training consultancy – Kyle-Scott Services – with offices and a training room in the CBD.  This was a huge step but a really valuable growth time – and something I have recently resurrected in a new format and a new country.


Alisha had moved to Australia (to be with Chareese) ,  Mum & Dad offered to host her 21st and we declined the invitation – then turned up anyway!!!     Mum and Dad went out of their way to accommodate not only us but also my  siblings and extended family – all in their three bedroom house and the large marquee erected in the yard.  Thanks Mum & Dad for being there for Alisha during this time.  It was an awesome whirlwind visit with just enough time to check out the kangaroos.

2006 saw us “Stepping out in Style” all over the place.


One thought on “43. 2006 Stepping out in style

  1. Recieved by email…..
    Memories – the way we were.
    2006 was indeed a very special time Janey,both for you and me and our families.
    Thank you for including me in your portfolio. The photos brought back vivid memories.
    Graduation – yours and mine! Wow! What a journey that was. Having family with us too was very special.
    You were the best conference co-organiser and I owe the success of that conference to us working closely to ensure every detail/aspect was attended to. It is on record the best conference ever and folks still talk about it.
    Some much change has occurred since. You in particular Janey took on many challenges since and continue to stand tall in all your endeavours and aspirations. You are truly an inspirational individual and I thank God our paths crossed as we journey life’s way. I often ponder, if Janey can do it, so can I.
    Thank you too my good ole friend, 50 years can pack a lot of memories however it’s the laughter/the good times we must remember, whenever we remember, the way we were.
    Thanks again for remembering me and celebrating good times.
    Best wishes


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