47. 2010 Another year of celebrations and new beginings

It was a great privilege to be able to participate in an Edgeware “Build your Business” group.  While this was initially aimed at strengthening my work thought processes it was to have some amazing spin-offs for me personally and for us as a couple.  Edgeware is an education and support system for ethical entrepreneurs and managers. We think that business is fun, and believe that socially responsible entrepreneurship can change the world. We offer practical, highly flexible courses and workshops with successful entrepreneurs and business people, supported by specialist trainers. We also offer creative entrepreneurship and leadership coaching.  Michael, Ludmilla and all of their guest speakers are amazing, inspirational and helpful go-getters – so much so that I enrolled Rob in the next course.   It was through the inspiration of one of the guest speakers that I first dabbled in blogging and social media – WOW  look at me now!!!!!

In Mid May we celebrated Mum & Dads 50th Wedding Anniversary with a series of dinners – See details of the wedding here

Mum & Dads 50th
Mum & Dads 50th

Towards the end of my Edgeware course Alisha (and Chris) advised that they were in the process of growing us a grand baby.  Although I had harped on at the kids that I wasnt ready….once the announcement was made – it was OK and I knew I was ready for the role of Nana.  A couple of months passed quietly and then it was revealed, by scan,  that there were “twenty fingers, twenty toes and two heads” – thats right folks there were going to be two babies….. whoot…. in late January.

We got on with organising the scheduled big event for 2010 which was Robs 50th Birthday Celebration in mid November.  Having a well spread family meant that the planning needed to occur well in advance to include international travel plans, airport transfers and accommodation as well as the pre & post party meals etc.

Three days before the party, Alisha called to say she was having intermittent stomach ache…sent her to get checked out and three hours later, 12 weeks early, we were grandparents.  Zachary at 1200 grams and Lillian at 1100 grams arrived by emergency Cesarean at approx 9.30 am on 10 November.   I rushed to the hospital while Rob rushed to the airport to pick up family members and the babies were rushed to the Mater Hospital neo-natal intensive care unit.

It is hard to put into words the combination of joy and fear that I felt.  Joy at the arrival of these two precious wee babies but a huge fear for the uncertain future faced by Alisha, Chris and the twins.  Every minute was a miracle, Every hour was a milestone and each day was a lifetime.

Special thanks must go to Ken & Jean for stepping in and making things happen, like meals and housework,  while I got to grips with my Nana brain and spent time supporting Alisha and visiting our precious grandbabies.

On day three we had “Naughty & Nautical” Robs 50th which Alisha bravely attended along with a huge contingent of friends, families and hangers-on.

Life settled into a blur of work, home, hospital,  work, home, hospital as Zach and Lily took two steps forward then one step back.  Each visit was precious and my first cuddles (finally) were awesome.

By Christmas Zach and Lilly had grown big enough and strong enough to be transferred back to Ipswich hospital and closer to home where they celebrated their first Christmas.

Our First Christmas - Zach & Lilly
Our First Christmas – Zach & Lilly

..and so ended 2010.



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